In the Transformational Leadership Program Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. leads groups through a live immersion training to take leaders beyond mere concepts and mental models. This immersion takes leaders into a direct experience and integration of transformative principles for all aspects of life. The first hand experience allows you to harness the change process resulting in great success as a leader. Quantra Leadership Academy’s (QLA) innovative approach incorporates modern science, ancient wisdom, and the most cutting-edge tools available. The Transformational Leadership Program guides leaders to access their greatest potential as creators, influencers, and change-makers through a unique transformational process.

A Transformational Leader is someone who brings about valuable and positive transformation in individuals, organizations, and social systems. As a Transformational Leader you’ll empower people to become leaders themselves. This immersion training allows you to access your greatest potential, thus as a leader it inspires those around you to bring out their best and take greater ownership of their work. The immersion training will help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the people you lead, in order to align them with strategies for optimizing their performance and potential.

QLA’s methodology helps individuals to cultivate a quantum or “accelerated” mindset, which opens the gateway for truly powerful solutions to life’s challenges and catalyzes Mental Alchemy. Mental Alchemy is the transformation of paradigms that leads to breakthroughs, innovation, and success. The trainings, in the Transformational Leaders Program, help you to learn how to maximize your creative potential as a leader and quantum leap your ideas/goals to the next level.

The Transformational Leader Program live training focuses on developing a “higher-mind” approach, which expands your awareness to harnessing the power of thought, intention, and creativity. This program is suited for leaders in the conscious capitalism movement. This immersion is also intended for those vested in sustainability, green tech, and socially responsible entrepreneurship or teams wanting to understand how to create a greater positive impact in society.

In the QLA Transformational Leaders Program, Theresa Bullard Ph.D. teaches cutting edge techniques to activate brain function for super learning and increased attention. These techniques bring creative insight to achieving your biggest visions and goals. Essential tools are introduced in the live immersion to help leaders achieve peak performance states. This programs benefits multiple areas of life, develops multiple intelligences that helps leaders learn new ways to move forward successfully to create a more sustainable future and consistent success.


The Transformational Leaders Program can be customized for the group.

Topics Include:

  • The 12 Key Values for Transformational Leadership
  • Strategies for Developing your Creative Capacity as a Leader
  • 7 Keys for Cultivating the Creative Advantage
  • Breaking out of Newtonian Thinking into Quantum Thinking
  • 3 Keys to Cultivating a Quantum Mindset to Help you and your Team Make Quantum Leaps on a Regular Basis.
  • Mutli-Sensory and Interactive Methods that will Help you Radically Rewire your Brain for More Optimal Functioning and Breaking out of Outworn Patterns.
  • Dialing in your Vision and Making sure it is Really Aligned with your Deeper Mission/Purpose and Core Values
  • The Answer to: What is Conscious Leadership?
  • And more…

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