Throw “Common Sense” Out the Window… Turn Your World Around



By Dr. Theresa Bullard


Quantum Physics has been with us since about the 1920’s (over 90 years now), yet its principles are so radical and divergent from our every-day experience of the mundane world, that we have had a hard time grasping it as easily as the “common sense” Principles of Newtonian Physics.


Brillant Idea


It has really only been since the turn of the new millennium, that more people are finally ready to accept and embrace these quantum principles and adapt them to their worldview.


World Vision


Even still, we are not fully there when it comes to our day-to-day experience of the world around us (heads nod in agreement).  The reason for this is that reprogramming our perceptions takes time, practice, and consistent reinforcement or remembering. Most importantly, though, it takes direct experience.


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While these principles might seem pretty “out there” at the moment, we at Quantum Leap Alchemy can help you come to understand them in simple and practical ways.


Making the shift to the Quantum Mindset, however is something that must be experienced directly.




Trying to describe it in words and mathematics alone is where society has gotten stuck in attempting to adapt to the quantum paradigm over the last 90 years. Truly understanding it comes through direct, personal, hands-on experience. Only then will you really know what it means to perceive through the quantum view.


We were indoctrinated into the Newtonian, Industrial way of thinking for several hundred years. Quantum physics has only been with us for less than 100 years.


Yet we now stand at the precipice of being ready to take the leap.


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When we do finally take the leap into the quantum view, we will make a radical shift in a short amount of time. Such a radical shift is needed now to turn our world around towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.


There is really only one way to shift into Thinking QuantumLeap! But when you leap with us at Quantra Leadership Academy, we will help you navigate your way successfully into the Quantum Zone, where limitations disappear and possibilities abound.


So, here is the scoop on the 5 W’s of Thinking Quantum:




Quantum Principles







Quantum thinking coincides with using our whole brain in a synchronous way. In such a state we are able to radically rewire our brains, potentially in an instant.


Road Map Of The Mind


Sometimes a 6-second window of truly getting into the Quantum Zone is all you need to carry you for an entire week. Getting into that space is where the art comes in. It does take repetition to train yourself to access it, but when you do and you really get the feeling of it, then it gets easier and easier to recreate the experience.


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In our Quantum Creative Leader Immersion training, we help you discover how to access the Quantum Zone and cultivate a Quantum Mindset.


Through the patterns and methods we give you the process to rewiring and breaking out of old out-dated ways of being and thinking happens much faster than through traditional means or by sheer will-power alone.



Our next Quantum Creative Leader Immersion workshop is coming to Los Angeles in the early Spring of 2015. In the meantime, check out our online training modules and stay tuned for more opportunities to take the leap into the Quantum Mindset.


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