The 7 Stages to Mastery: Stage 2- The Emotional Release




By Dr. Theresa Bullard


Remember the last time you had your world turn upside down?  How did you respond?


Under Pressure


For many of us, when we experience turmoil, it triggers a period marked by confusion, emotional reactivity, and disillusionment. We may make rash decisions while in the throws of these emotions.


Or let’s say you set a goal to make some needed changes in your life and you do well at the start, but then start to hit internal resistance that shows up as procrastination, distraction, or even self-sabotage. Sound familiar?




What is underlying these behaviors, emotions, and resistance is fear and attachment buried in the sub-conscious that is now surfacing and revealing itself to you. These sub-conscious blocks must be cleared in order for you to achieve your goal.


Understanding where you are in the alchemical process


What you are experiencing in the above descriptions relates to the second of the 7 Stages of the Alchemical Process of Transformation, known as Dissolution. Recently, we explored the first stage of Calcination or a breaking down or breaking through point in one’s life.


Dissolution, the stage that follows, is when emotions and sub-conscious fears rise up after the burning or shake up from Calcination.


Depressed tired businessman with hands on head


While Calcination is driven by fire, the Dissolution stage is driven by water. If you will allow it, this stage can ultimately result in tears. And this would be a good sign, because it means you are letting the emotion wash through you, releasing the energy, and moving beyond anger and reactivity.


You are actually allowing yourself to feel into the underlying hurt in the sub-conscious that was triggered by the catalyzing challenge.


A troubled young man walking into the light


Doing so gives you an opportunity to connect more deeply with the soul, and while some may be embarrassed to cry, it is actually a natural process that helps us somatically release fear and hurt from the deeper self. When you let it flow, you will also find that new insights and clarity also come to light, as the tears are purifying and they cleanse away confusion or obscurity.


At the Dissolution stage, some people might also find that dreams become more active.  This is because the subconscious mind is trying to reveal what is going on beneath the surface and work things out.


The Thinker


However, in this stage those dreams might also still be confusing or even a bit tumultuous. Sometimes the dreams may also have a lot of water in them, like waves or flooding, because water symbolizes emotions and governs this alchemical stage.


When the emotional turmoil settles down and tears have washed away the pain/upset, that is when you know that this stage is complete.


So how do you move through this stage?  Stay tuned next week as we explore steps you can take to skillfully move through the emotional turmoil of Dissolution.


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