What People are Saying About Quantra Leadership Academy:

“The recent immersion workshop was remarkable. Thorough with material and expertly delivered. We’ve been given tools of which I’m sure we don’t yet grasp the profound and powerful potential therein. Time to put them into action! If you are interested in this workshop and haven’t yet attended, I *highly* recommend it.”

-Jason L., Entrepreneur (Los Angeles)


“I learned SO MUCH from Theresa Bullard and the experience she has facilitated this weekend through Quantum Leap Alchemy! Thank you, Theresa. You’ve spurred growth and insight. You’ve facilitated quantum leaps. You’ve reminded and brought to light, TRUTH. Thank you for an amazing weekend.”

-Stacy K., College Professor & Educator (Orange County)


“The experience was one that was both unexpected and un-imagined.  It is one thing to talk about a concept or idea, it is quite another thing to have a personal experience with an idea or concept. Theresa was able to guide us in visualizing and experiencing key concepts and ideas in a way that make integration a natural thing. Integration was not something I had to give great thought to. It easily happened. I, now,  have a clear understanding of how to operate my creativity in order solve any problem that may arise. Thank you, Theresa!”

-John B., Managing Partner, JK Theron, LLC


“I recommend this program to any leader who desires to drive innovation and results, and who also wants to positively impact their organizations, their community, and themselves. Your teachings and concepts were truly a catalyst in helping us to insource our Information Technology department from a major vendor back to NAH in 90 days.”

-Susan Ludwig, Information Technology Executive, Northern Arizona Healthcare


“I found Dr. Theresa Bullard’s work to be both powerful and enlightening.  Perhaps the greatest gift that I received from participating in the program was to break out of old habits of conditioned thinking.  I was also able to discover a new realm of possibilities regarding how I could grow and expand my business.   I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who is not only struggling with the development of new ideas to grow their business,  but also needs to implement these ideas, and then see them all the way through to completion.  Working with Dr. Bullard will help you to move forward by leaps and bounds.”

-William G., Small business owner


“If you are timid, just curious, or too comfortable with your life, this program is probably not for you. The ideas presented are challenging, bold, and powerful. These ideas include practical applications of modern quantum physics and the alchemical principles of old, used as ways to accelerate growth. If you are highly motivated and have a clear sense of purpose, you will see this as a way forward, a golden path to fulfillment. What could be better than that?

I came seeking a minor shift in consciousness. What I discovered is the need for a major change! I believe, however, that I now have been given the tools to accomplish my vision. This is my personal “Work.” I am excited to discover how it turns out.

My experience of this “Creative Leader Immersion Training” is that it was extraordinarily well prepared and delivered. Theresa Bullard is an inspirational leader in her own right. She has developed a cogent and advanced approach to the creative expression of Higher Consciousness. In such a chaotic, polarized world as we live in, I believe that such Self discovery and expression is just what is needed. This is not the “easy” way, but it may be the best way forward for us individually and as a society.

Theresa Bullard really is a “creative leader” and this program really teaches what she knows: start with first principles; know who you are and what your life’s purpose is. Then apply all of your energy and intelligence in realizing your vision. Theresa shares surprising insights and tools from models of quantum physics and traditional alchemy. These are practical, almost magical, tools that promise extraordinary results. Surely such hope and faith is what humankinds needs going forward into the 21st century. It is certainly what I need.”

– Jay B., Small Business Owner & Contractor (Orange County)