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How Alice in Wonderland Can Teach Us to Develop a Quantum Mindset & the New Paradigm

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by Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.


When Alice first meets the Queen in Wonderland, she is instructed to believe something impossible.

Alice laughs, and says, “There’s no use trying. One can’t believe impossible things.

To which the Queen responds: “I daresay you haven’t had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”




This statement by the Queen is a great example of the kind of breakthrough thinking that becomes possible when you are tapped in to a Quantum Mindset.


A Quantum Mindset is a way of thinking and perceiving that is based upon a framework of key principles revealed to us by quantum physics, namely: the Observer Effect, Entanglement, Uncertainty, Complementarity, and Contextuality.


By Cultivating a Quantum Mindset it opens you up to a much more adaptable way of being, and taps you into the quantum sea of potential, where you can believe “as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast”. From this place, you are then empowered to start harnessing the forces of change and consciously participate in directing their course.




It does take practice, but when you spend just “half an hour a day” (like the Queen), then the impossible becomes not only possible, it becomes probable. And that is the strange and wonderful truth of tapping in to the Quantum domain.


Alice in Wonderland has often been used as an analogy of what it is like to enter into the strange and wonderful world of quantum physics. In this realm we find that everything we thought of as “common sense logic” of the world we know, gets turned upside-down and inside-out.


What is it that we have been taught to believe that informs our Old Paradigm?


Our Old Paradigm of “common sense logic” is rooted in the classical physics philosophy attributed to Isaac Newton from almost 330 years ago. Through our conditioning into a Newtonian-based philosophy, we have come to view the world and “reality” as a Rational, Predictable, Material, and Mechanical world that works like a ‘Great Machine’!!! Can you see the problems and the results this mindset has created in our world? 




Now, we are faced with many global challenges to overcome that are direct results of this type of mechanistic and materialistic thinking.


Plus, with the pace of change that we are experiencing today, this old paradigm is getting in the way of our ongoing progress. It has led to a way of thinking and problem solving that is slow, linear, controlling, and sets rigid parameters, reducing our creative options and ability to even see potential solutions to the challenges we face.


Einstein famously said: “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when created them.




The old materialist paradigm is the thinking we have been using for over 300 years, and it has gotten us where we are today. Now, if we want to solve the problems of today we must leap to a new, higher level of thinking.


If the old paradigm is no longer serving us, then what is an alternative that will help us to evolve our thinking to the next level? I, among others, propose that a new paradigm based on quantum principles is what is now needed to transform our world into a more sustainable and harmonious one.


What is this Quantum Mindset?


Lights Of Encryption


Through quantum physics, scientists have discovered that everything we once thought to be the true and definitive answer about how the universe works, is actually not the deepest truth. Instead quantum physics turns it all on its head.


In the table below you will see the four principles of the old-paradigm, or Newtonian mindset, contrasted with the new framework for the Quantum Mindset or the New Paradigm approach:




This table shows the kind of shift that is needed to leap from the old paradigm framework into a Quantum Mindset. As a way to help you remember these 4 keys, just think of this simple mnemonic formula, Q = C4.


Quantum physics is the most successful physics theory to date: all attempts to disprove it have failed, while all attempts to verify it have succeeded.


So many of our newer technologies resulted as innovative advancements due to this branch of science. For example, atomic lasers which require electrons to quantum jump in their orbitals; nanotechnologies where the interactions take place at very small scales; superconducting magnets result from quantum phenomenon; as do the transistors and semiconductor microchips that made the electronic computer industry possible; MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) devices that have revolutionized medical science; even the Flash memory chips in your USB sticks use quantum tunneling to erase memory, and much more. On the horizons for quantum technology are also quantum computers, quantum cryptology, and possibly even quantum teleportation…“Beam me up Scotty!”


Spiral Galaxy

Rather than the universe being a rational, predictable, material, mechanistic, separated reality, we find instead that it is a vast interconnected field full of possibilities, uncertainties, and mysteries.


Rather than being rigid and pre-determined, “reality” is very malleable and responsive to how we choose to view it or interact with it. Our conscious choice and participation with the quantum field, in any moment, heavily influences what results we get.


Quantum principles underlie everything in our Universe. We live in a Quantum Universe, from the smallest particles to the largest structures of inter-galactic space. We too are quantum beings!


Geometry Backdrop


In the Quantum Mindset, we begin to believe in these principles as not just applying to the very small world of sub-atomic particles, but also to our lives and how we interface with “reality”. Just like over 300 years ago, when Newtonian Physics was extrapolated beyond science and applied to every facet of life, business, society, etc., so too can Quantum Physics inform a new view of our world and become a model for how we can transform our society and our lives for the better.


Some recent examples of people who started tapping in to elements of a Quantum Mindset, a mindset that is Contextual, Complementary, Conscious, and Connected, include innovators like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, and Elon Musk.


Business Team Globe


These innovators managed to look at problems and see solutions that weren’t there before. They could see many more possibilities than what an old paradigm mindset would have allowed for.


Instead, they tapped into a broader range of possibilities and had the foresight or intuition to see the bigger picture of our interconnected world. By doing so, they each have made their mark in our global culture and helped contribute to changing our world.  We are at a time now where all of humanity is being asked to make such evolutionary leaps.




Never in the history of humanity have so many critical tipping points converged. Even just one tipping point is enough to drive some level of evolution, but now we face multiple crises.


Some futurists say that if we do not make some major leaps and breakthroughs within the next 10 to 20 years, humanity may not be around in another 100 years.  While the situation on Earth is beyond critical now, the good news is that all the solutions and new pathways that we need to make these leaps are already available to us.


The biggest challenge we face is to make a leap in the way we think, quickly enough, so that we can shift our perceptions and behaviors in time to successfully implement the solutions that are available.


Illusion Of Mind


This leap must be done first on the inner planes of the self before it can be done in the outer world as a collective. Making such a leap at a personal level is accomplished through experiencing what I call Quantum Transformation.


A radical inner transformation and rise to a new level of consciousness might be the only real hope we have in the current global crisis brought on by the dominance of the Western mechanistic paradigm.” – Stanislov Graf




Like Alice, we are now being asked to go through the Rabbit Hole into a whole new way of thinking, which leads to a new world. A world full of possibility, imagination, and creative opportunity that will transform us and evolve us.


Like Alice, we are being asked to “believe impossible things” and turn our world-view inside-out. Like Alice, we are being asked to take a leap, find our strength, and slay the Jabberwocky of the Old Paradigm, so that we can restore the land to peace, joy, and prosperity again.


In the last 15 years we have finally started to see a shift in our world-view. Due to today’s highly connected world and resurgence of popular interest in quantum physics, many people have begun making the leap to a mental framework that aligns more with quantum principles. Since about the turn of the new millennium, people are finally starting to accept and embrace the possibilities and the new way of looking at things that it presents us with. Yet, we are still not fully there when it comes to our day-to-day experience of the world around us.


Silhouette of businessman in keyhole
When I lecture on this subject to general audiences, I often hear from many people saying that while they sense it is important, they often find themselves mystified by quantum physics. That’s understandable…


Even many scientists are mystified by quantum physics, especially when it comes to how we might apply it to our lives and the “real world.” Alice, too, was initially mystified by Wonderland. Yet her experiences there transformed her such that she was able to come back to the “real world” and face her problems in a more creative, courageous, and mature way.


The Quantum mindset gives you access to a thought process that is creative, insightful, intuitive, and able to make breakthroughs or leaps.




With quantum thinking you can more easily challenge assumptions, create new categories, change structures, transform thought patterns, and leap out of old habits.


This is exactly the kind of thinking we need now to face the problems of today and transform our world into a more balanced one.We have to make a shift and we have to make it now. I invite you to venture down the Rabbit Hole and transform into the new paradigm of embracing a Quantum Mindset. When you do, you too may find yourself in a magical new reality, just like Alice.

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Dr. Theresa Bullard, is the founder of QLA Consulting, co-founder of Mysterium Center in LA as well as the Universal Kabbalah Network, and is an International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. She combines a Physics Ph.D. with a lifelong path of exploring consciousness and ancient wisdom traditions. For more info about Theresa and her work go to





Throw “Common Sense” Out the Window… Turn Your World Around

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard


Quantum Physics has been with us since about the 1920’s (over 90 years now), yet its principles are so radical and divergent from our every-day experience of the mundane world, that we have had a hard time grasping it as easily as the “common sense” Principles of Newtonian Physics.


Brillant Idea


It has really only been since the turn of the new millennium, that more people are finally ready to accept and embrace these quantum principles and adapt them to their worldview.


World Vision


Even still, we are not fully there when it comes to our day-to-day experience of the world around us (heads nod in agreement).  The reason for this is that reprogramming our perceptions takes time, practice, and consistent reinforcement or remembering. Most importantly, though, it takes direct experience.


Creativity Jpeg


While these principles might seem pretty “out there” at the moment, we at Quantum Leap Alchemy can help you come to understand them in simple and practical ways.


Making the shift to the Quantum Mindset, however is something that must be experienced directly.




Trying to describe it in words and mathematics alone is where society has gotten stuck in attempting to adapt to the quantum paradigm over the last 90 years. Truly understanding it comes through direct, personal, hands-on experience. Only then will you really know what it means to perceive through the quantum view.


We were indoctrinated into the Newtonian, Industrial way of thinking for several hundred years. Quantum physics has only been with us for less than 100 years.


Yet we now stand at the precipice of being ready to take the leap.


Man Jump Through The Gap On Sunset Fiery Background. Element Of

When we do finally take the leap into the quantum view, we will make a radical shift in a short amount of time. Such a radical shift is needed now to turn our world around towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.


There is really only one way to shift into Thinking QuantumLeap! But when you leap with us at Quantra Leadership Academy, we will help you navigate your way successfully into the Quantum Zone, where limitations disappear and possibilities abound.


So, here is the scoop on the 5 W’s of Thinking Quantum:




Quantum Principles







Quantum thinking coincides with using our whole brain in a synchronous way. In such a state we are able to radically rewire our brains, potentially in an instant.


Road Map Of The Mind


Sometimes a 6-second window of truly getting into the Quantum Zone is all you need to carry you for an entire week. Getting into that space is where the art comes in. It does take repetition to train yourself to access it, but when you do and you really get the feeling of it, then it gets easier and easier to recreate the experience.


Thought Cloud


In our Quantum Creative Leader Immersion training, we help you discover how to access the Quantum Zone and cultivate a Quantum Mindset.


Through the patterns and methods we give you the process to rewiring and breaking out of old out-dated ways of being and thinking happens much faster than through traditional means or by sheer will-power alone.



Our next Quantum Creative Leader Immersion workshop is coming to Los Angeles in the early Spring of 2015. In the meantime, check out our online training modules and stay tuned for more opportunities to take the leap into the Quantum Mindset.



Play With Me Says the Universe

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard


While quantum physics can be rather complex mathematically, the core principles are now widely accepted.   When we look into the quantum domain there are really profound insights to be discovered!



Mind Metaphor

We can now see how this relates to our experience of the world, and how we can use it to improve our everyday lives. By analyzing the historical development of quantum theory, I’ve realized that there are 4 principles that give us a new conceptual view of reality.


Once we adopt this quantum framework we can more clearly shift our mindset and perceptions out of the old and into a new paradigm view of reality.  Below is a chart that compares the old classical view, and the new view of quantum physics.


From Newtonian to Quantum (A comparison between old-paradigm and new-paradigm principles)


Old Paradigm (Newtonian) New Paradigm (Quantum)
Realism/Materialism  Consciousness
Determinism/Certainty Complementarity/Uncertainty
Separatism Connectivity
Reductionism Contextuality


Here are some characteristics of these 4 Key Quantum Principles:


#1 Consciousness


Molecular Thoughts

It is from consciousness that all else springs. From the smallest and most basic unit, everything is co-creative, observer-based, and participatory.


Choice reigns supreme. It is in this first principle that connection to ancient monistic wisdom systems becomes evident.


#2 Complementarity



There are NO absolutes; uncertainty is implicit.


The Quantum view is a “both-and” kind of mindset that allows for multiple truths.  Simultaneous possibilities and probabilities always exist.  Everything observable has a complement (opposite) – example: Is the state a wave or a particle?  The more you focus on one variable, the more uncertain you will be about its complement.  Embrace uncertainty, rather than trying to control all variables or thinking that things can be pre-determined.


#3 Connectivity


Network People

The part contains the whole, and the whole reflects the part.

All things:

-Are influenced by interconnected relationships;

-Emerge from interacting parts of a system; and

-Tend to seek union or bonding in order to create more stable systems.


#4 Contextuality


Brain Waves

From context comes meaning.  Meaning is determined by the conditions we give through our participation.


By the very act of observing or making a measurement we alter the state of the quantum possibilities. In our assumptions, choices, and decisions to interact with or measure a quantum phenomenon, we create the context for that quantum thing to emerge from potential to actual.


In other words, through our participation with the quantum field, we co-create and give meaning to the Universe’s existence.



Breaking Out of the Box: The Problem with Your Thinking

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard

In our previous blog titled “Let Your Brain Out of the Box: Identifying the Old Paradigm”, we revealed four basic concepts that form the foundation of our outdated paradigm. The roots of this old paradigm extend back several hundred years to Newtonian physics and Industrial Age thinking.


Check out Part 3 of our 4 Part Video Blog Series:

This old box consists of a mechanistic way of thinking that is based on limited, linear logic and the idea that the material world is all there is.

Mind Burst

Even with the new physics revealing a deeper truth and turning all the old paradigm concepts on their heads, and even in our complex, interconnected, and rapidly changing world, most people are still living their lives as though this old paradigm were true. 


We are still operating our schools, businesses, relationships with each other, and so many things in this world as if this old paradigm was true. This is how conditioning and indoctrination work.


The old ways of thinking are so programmed in at a deep level, that it takes more than just consciously believing in new concepts to make a real shift into a new way of being.


Neuron Energy


Instead, it takes purposeful re-patterning and re-programming of our mental, behavioral, and neural wiring.  Many people today agree that it is time to re-think our worldview and how we do things, yet most are uncertain of how to do that.

What kind of alternative structure can we adapt to help us make sense of the world in the 21st century and learn to thrive in it?




At Quantum Leap Alchemy, we know that a powerfully rich and deeply true alternative already exists, and it is based on both the new sciences, such as quantum physics, epigenetics, and neuroscience, as well as on ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time and aligns perfectly with the new science. Re-patterning our mental framework and neural wiring to align with this new paradigm is what we specialize in helping people accomplish.


Before we go into the framework of the new paradigm, let’s take one last look at the old paradigm and get clear about why it is no longer working for us.

So what exactly are the problems with the old paradigm of Industrial Age and Newtonian thinking?



Creative Human Brain


The problem with reductionism is that it completely ignores the synergy that happens when two or more things interact.  


Systems theory today is saying that it is actually the interaction between the parts that is more crucial than the individual actions of the parts themselves.


Through interaction, information is exchanged and feeds back into the system, allowing for parts to respond to that information, self-organize and then synchronize. This causes a new pattern to emerge, that comes from the complex interactions themselves, and results in a whole greater than the sum of its parts.


In the new science, Interactivity is Key, thus making reductionism obsolete.



Group Organization


The problem with the concept of determinism is that it promotes the idea that coinciding events are just that, a meaningless “coincidence”. Or on the other extreme it leaves some to believe that everything is due to “fate” or even worse, that we don’t have a choice in how things play out.


 Determinism essentially takes away free will.



The new science says that, rather than things being pre-determined, there is an uncertainty inherent in nature. This uncertainty is precisely what provides room for us to consciously participate in creating the outcome.



open mind key locked un locked brain mind

This idea of separatism says that you are separate from everything else. 


It leads us to feel fear and constantly be driven to do or achieve more. When combined with interpretations of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest”, this concept has ingrained in us an ethos of competition and fear that only the “fittest” will survive.   This fear-driven mentality leads further to making us think that we need something outside of ourselves to be whole or more connected, and therefore “secure”.   This is a huge problem that we must move beyond.


Fortunately, with the emergence of internet and social media we are beginning to consciously let go of this notion. Even still, however, when it comes to our subconscious filters and reactions, we tend to believe ourselves to be separate from others.  Even while things continue to become more interconnected in our world, when it comes to our personal relationships, we are still reacting as if we are separate.




The new science says that not only are we not separate, we are intimately connected to everything and everyone we have ever observed or interacted with.


Structures built upon a practice or policy of separation, isolation, or compartmentalization are faulty systems of the old paradigm that can no longer be sustained in our world today. Thus, it is time to let go of this illusion.





The concept of realism is a very materially-based view of the world, and it teaches us to only value or believe in what is “Real”, meaning tangible and measurable.  

Realism says that the qualities for success are going to be objectivity, realistic thinking, and what you can gain at a materialistic level.

Clearly the problem with this principle is that it lends itself to greed as a primary value base, and leads to a disregard for anything that is more soul-based or non-physical.


Molecular Thoughts


The new science again turns this principle on its head and says that the only things we can call, with any degree of certainty, as “real” are the things we observe in the moment.


The things of the past that we thought of as “real” no longer exist (and might never have existed, save for our memory’s interpretation of them), and the things we think of as “real” now, might not be so in a future moment. Even that which we think of as “real things” are not as solid and permanent as we once thought. Instead, they are merely forms of energy constantly in flux.   Unfortunately, even though these old paradigm concepts have been shown to be fundamentally false, and the concepts from quantum physics have been known since the 1920’s, we still seem stuck in the old paradigm ways.


So how do we break free from this?



The next steps in the transformational process are to dissolve away the old forms and to then identify what is true from what is false.


Then, once we are clear on what is of essence and true in nature, we can then put the pieces back together again to form a new vision, or a new paradigm. Stay tuned for our final video blog on what it means to Think Quantum!



Let Your Brain Out of the Box: Identifying the Old Paradigm

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard 

Science shows that we have HUGE potential and that we are only tapping into a tiny fraction of that potential that is within us. We are perceiving only 1% of the physical reality around us.  We are using only 3% of our DNA to actively code for proteins.


Check out Part 2 of our 4 Part Video Blog Series:


We are using just 10% of our brain capacity for conscious processing and activities.  All of the rest of our potential, which is a large majority, is untapped for most people.  This potential is not there for no reason.  It is there for us to grow into.  

So, what is in the way of us accessing more of our potential?



We propose that it is largely an issue of mindset. We have been conditioned into a limited mindset that prevents us from expanding into our greatness. What is this box we have been conditioned and indoctrinated into that has trapped us into a very limited way of operating?


So what is this old box?


To put it simply, the old box is the mechanical way of thinking that is left over from the Industrial Age The old mechanistic way of thinking is limited, linear and based on pure logic and a material worldview.

It’s roots go back to the paradigm adapted from Newtonian physics, which is several hundred years old and is what sparked the Industrial Revolution.




Before we reveal the problems with this old paradigm, we first want to credit Isaac Newton for the good his genius brought to our world.


The work he brought through at that time was revolutionary.  It kicked off a major revolution and from it came the Industrial Revolution, which made way for many good technologies that we have today.

His revelations took us out of an era of superstition and into the idea that we can really understand our world and harness these forces that are available to us.



What many people don’t realize is that Isaac Newton was actually an Alchemist.


In Science history teachings, this fact that he was an Alchemist has largely been swept under the rug. Although in more recent years it is being revealed again.  In truth, Isaac Newton was trying to understand “the mind of God” rather than taking “God” out of the equation.


Molecular Thoughts


He had hundreds of volumes of journals on alchemy and personal thoughts regarding this matter of spirit and consciousness being essential ingredients in our physical world.  Yet for all the alchemical work he dedicated his life to, what he has been most known for in the history books is one volume of papers he published beginning in 1687 referred to as Principia (a shortened version of the full title), where he gave his force equations describing moving objects and gravitation, which later became the foundation of classical mechanics.



While much good was sparked from these theories at the time, we now are at a point where we have grown beyond it.  The classical paradigm is limiting us.


That old box is exactly what we need to get out of, and this is the first quantum leap we must now make. In order to make this leap out, it helps to have a clear sense of what the boundaries of this box are, so we can recognize what we must leap beyond.


So, what are the basic principles that the Newtonian paradigm was built upon?  



Creative Human Brain

Reductionism is the idea that we can reduce a whole down to its parts.

For example, if we want to know what a human being is, we can look at the brain and what the brain does, the heart and what the heart does, the liver and what the liver does, and so on.  Essentially, we can separate all the pieces out and understand what they do at their individual levels and then we think we know what a human being is.

So reductionism is the idea that a complex system can be reduced to the sum of its parts.  



Group Organization

Determinism is the belief that everything runs on clockwork, that there are formulas and basic principles that, when given precise initial conditions, for example if you know where something starts, you can theoretically calculate it’s entire future.

Determinism is everything is working like clockwork.  If there were some “all seeing eye” that knew the conditions of every particle in the universe, theoretically according to this model, it would know the entire future of the universe.  In this concept, there is no “free will”.  There is no conscious choice.  There is no room for something new to come in and change that.


open mind key locked un locked brain mind

The third principle of Separatism states that different objects have boundaries and they are not connected if they do not share the same boundaries. Therefore, separatism says we are isolated in the universe. 

It claims, we are separate from the stars, they don’t affect us;  we are separate from each other; we are separate from what happens on the other side of the world; and the observer or experimenter is separate from the observed. A natural evolution of separatism was the Darwinian theory of “survival of the fittest.”  This concept implied that if we are separate then there is something outside of us to distrust, fear, or struggle against.  So the “survival of the fittest” idea, and the competition that comes from it, further compounded upon this paradigm of Separatism.



This principle is based on the concept that this is a real and materialistic world.

Another way of looking at this is that you can only trust what you can sense with your five physical senses.  I have to see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, or smell it.  I have to be able to experiment on it.  It must be physical and material and something I can experiment on or it doesn’t exist.

This concept, taken to the extreme, says that the only thing that is real is the physical. 

In this view, consciousness and spirit are all in the imagination and do not really exist beyond being reduced to a bio-chemical process in the brain and body. Still to this day many scientists are trying to explain the essence of who we are and our conscious awareness as some epiphenomenon in the brain.

So what is the truth? The truth is NONE of this is fundamentally correct. 

At best, these classical theories are an approximation of how we experience natural phenomenon. But more and more is being revealed showing that the truth is far deeper, stranger, and more intricate than what these old Newtonian concepts would have you believe.

Where do we go from here?

Mind Burst

The first step of transformation is to completely shatter the old form, the old box, the old structure, to break it apart into pieces, purify things to their most basic essence, and then see what pieces must be re-gathered into a new form.

Stay tuned as we dive further into the problems with the old paradigm way of thinking and what the new physics is revealing about the deeper nature of things.