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6 Key Characteristics of a Transformational Leader

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard


Have you ever been in a situation where someone spoke so clearly and passionately that everyone in the room stopped to listen more closely? Perhaps suddenly the room took on an energy of agreement and excitement as all became united under the inspiring ideas and vision of the one speaking?


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That person was displaying a leadership style known as transformational leadership, one that uses authentic presence, vision and inspiration to motivate others.


In our last blog, we identified 4 Essential Steps to Becoming a Transformational Leader.   This week, we look at what are the Key Qualities of a Transformational Leader.  We’ve identified 6 distinct characteristics that make up a modern day Transformational Leader:


#1  Embrace Transformation


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This one may seem obvious but in order to be a transformational leader, you must be someone who adopts a philosophy of moving towards change, rather than avoiding or resisting it.


Even more, transformational leaders thrive on change and get excited by the prospects of evolving a system or organization into something even better.  Transformational leaders are skilled at harnessing the process of change and driving it forward both intentionally and skillfully.  This means they have the skill set to evolve or progress an organization, idea or philosophy more rapidly.


#2  Personal Growth


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Another key characteristic of a Transformational Leader is their ability and openness to grow.


According to the Georgetown University’s Transformational Leadership Institute, Transformational Leaders, “Grow and expand as human beings even as they lead extraordinary outcomes for their communities and organizations. This trait is also about Expanding Consciousness and Self-Awareness.  In other words, moving beyond just focusing on the material side of things and tuning in more to the core self and essential nature of being human.


#3  Transparency & Authenticity


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Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability.


It refers to operating in such a way that it is easy to for others to see what actions are being performed.  Authenticity refers to truthfulness, sincerity, devotion and intention.  Transformational Leaders are ones who lead by example.  They bring authentic presence, integrity, vision, and compassion into their role as a leader.


#4  Empowerment & Engaged Action


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Transformational Leaders possess the Courage and Confidence to take a stand for their beliefs and vision.


They also generate the needed clarity and inspiration to get commitment from others to unite behind the effort.  Transformational Leaders are not afraid to push their ideas forward, even in the face of adversity, challenge, and risk.


#5  Integrity & Accountability


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Integrity, or the concept of consistency around actions, values, principles and outcomes, as well as, Accountability or answerability, are fundamental characteristics of a Transformational Leader.


This trait refers to taking Personal Ownership and “Walking the Talk”, both by being the example, as well as holding that line with those you lead.


#6  Self-Actualization


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Transformative Leaders are self-actualizing people. They recognize that creativity, innovation, initiative, and an organization’s ability to thrive, rest upon its core values that come from this deeper pursuit of meaning.  


As the great psychologist Abraham Maslow declared, “What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualization…It refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, namely, to the tendency for him to become actualized in what he is potentially. This tendency might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.”


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True leadership requires the ability to inspire, motivate and ultimately transform us.


The modern day Transformational Leader is one who skillfully embraces change, values and strives towards personal growth and is clear and authentic with their intentions, actions and words.  Transformational Leaders take a stand for what they believe in.




They empower and engage others to come together and collectivity move toward a shared goal and vision.


A true Transformational Leader leads by example, always acting with integrity and holding themselves and others accountable for their actions. Rather than command-style, these leaders are transformative and empowering.  Finally, Transformational Leaders are motivated to realize their potential.  They are self-actualizing. Self-actualizing people are driven by a quest for meaning and a deep passion to become what they have the potential to become.


Stay tuned next week as we dive deeper into what it means to be a Transformational Leader by looking at their core values.




3 Keys to Increasing Your Value While Being the Creative Leader

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard

Creativity is at the foundation of innovation and is now recognized as a key factor to success. Creative Leaders are those who foster an environment of imagination and are able to lead, inspire and drive innovation within their organization.  Here are 3 Keys to Increasing Your Value While Being the Creative Leader:


1.  Imagine:  Innovation happens through “Leaps of Imagination”.  Everyone has the potential for a healthy imagination, and in fact, our survival and evolution depend on it. This first key is critical to harnessing your consciousness and breaking through blocks to the creative flow.


Creative Leaders must be able to imagine new approaches to solving problems, breaking through obstacles, and planning the steps to take to see ideas to their full fruition.   



Being able to imagine new approaches to solving problems, breaking through obstacles, and planning the steps to take that will deliver optimal results, is essential to not getting stuck and to keeping the creative process flowing through, until results are delivered. Check out this free 12 minute video, with 3 strategies for harnessing the power of your ability to Imagine and go beyond the box.


2.  Interact:  A Creative Leader is open to the ideas of others and encourages interaction amongst those they lead. Often when we hit a wall, it is because we are not seeing past our own blind-spots or limited perspective.


When you have others to bounce ideas off of, who also understand where you are coming from, then the interaction of parts becomes greater than any one can achieve individually.



Interaction will help boost your work to a new level. Interaction and interconnectivity is a key theme in the Quantum Domain. Nothing is truly isolated, but rather entangled with others. Emergence of truly new ideas and approaches comes when we allow for interaction and open exchange of information with other parts, people, forums, teams, etc.

When you allow and interact, then you make room for synergy to play a part, making the final result greater than what you could have imagined or accomplished alone. You don’t have to know what the exact outcome will be before you start taking action.

Let go of having to control all the variables and learn to be more flexible and adaptable. When you do, you will feel a huge weight lift off your shoulders, reducing stress, and allowing you to tap more into the flow around you. Be bolstered and stimulated by the ideas of others and allow for something new to emerge.


3.  Operating at the Edge: As Creative Leaders we must learn to operate at the edge or to be outside the comfort zone of routine, outside the box of patterned ways of thinking and doing. Our “comfort zone” is the zone in which we feel most familiar and that we can “control” to some level.


Creativity happens when we allow for Unconventional or Original approaches and ideas. It is outside the comfort zone where breakthroughs and magic occur. 

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Operating at the Edge is a mindset and attitude that a leader comes to  embody. It is an attitude of thinking out of box, taking risks, being unconventional. It involves a mix of rebelliousness tempered with discernment and tradition. Qualities to cultivate include:

Enthusiasm and Passion – this usually comes from having a strong vision that motivates and is something you want to dedicate yourself to.

Courage – Being willing to take Leaps and make risks, while staying Focused, Persistent, Disciplined, and Hard Working in order to carry the creative work through to its completion, and having to courage not to give up. The important part is “Never giving up on your dreams”.

Operating at The Edge is also about learning to conduct your life at the point of transition between the world of practical things (classical reality) and the realm of extraordinary possibilities (quantum reality).


At Quantra Leadership Academy, we are dedicated to sharing breakthrough strategies with you and to helping you become a more innovative and creative leader.  Check out our FREE Webinar to help you develop yourself as a Creative Leader.