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3 Quantum Principles Every Creative Leader Should Know

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As the iconic genius, Albert Einstein, once said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” This means that in order to solve the problems and challenges of today, we must come from a “new type of thinking.”

The Creative Leader is one who embraces change and is able to develop practical techniques for continually tapping in to new ideas, solutions, and innovations.  3 Quantum Principles Every Creative Leader Should Know.

1.  Allowing Creativity to Flow:

Creative Leaders realize that you don’t have to strain or wrack your brain for that next creative idea or innovation. In fact, stressing yourself out is quite counter- productive to the whole process.   bigstock-Lines-Of-The-Soul-56342126

Rather than stressing to pull out an idea from your head, you can simply choose to loosen up and allow it to come through you.  

  Allowing creativity to flow involves putting oneself in a position of being quietly receptive – not forcing anything, but rather allowing it to happen; it is more a process of surrendering. A relaxed mind is critical to being creative.   By training yourself to relax the body and brain at will, you can drastically reduce the effects of stress and open up the circuits within you again to allow for greater access to creativity and wellbeing.   bigstock-Hand-Of-Woman-Meditating-In-A-57918866

Research has shown that brain activity begins to change within just a few days of learning to meditate, decreasing stress, improving your mood, and supporting your health in many ways. 

Known benefits of meditation also include: increased focused attention, improved memory, reduction of anxiety and stress, enhanced creativity and problem solving abilities, greater connectivity and whole-brain wiring, improvement of relationships by connecting to greater empathy and compassion, greater sense of optimism and trust, and anti-aging benefits for greater health, well-being, and cognitive functioning.

2.  Creating Space: 

Creative Leaders understand the concept of space and how you can tap into and manage energy. This key relates to both physical environment, as well as time and mental space to get into a creative flow. Recognizing the importance of Space is a concept that is fundamental to the Quantum Paradigm.   bigstock-Diversity-Of-The-Mind-57374144

The key is to focus on the SPACE between events or thoughts or expressions, rather than the expressions themselves. 

Similarly, we could look to the Space between the particles as more fundamental than the particles themselves. The more you tap in to empty Space, the more potential energy becomes available to you to use for your creative work. This key of Space is about how well you can tap into and manage energy.   bigstock-Colorful-Synapse-System-58099229   Creating Space starts with “focused time” or eliminating distractions in order to harness time most efficiently. Science has shown that our brains actually perform worse, and we make more mistakes, when we try to multi-task.

So the key is to focus on one thing at a time for a period of time (20 min blocks is optimal), before you switch to another task.

The second piece of creating Space is Physical Order. The general rule of thumb here is: “As the outer, so the inner. As the inner so the outer.”  Your personal physical environment is a good reflection of your inner mental environment.   bigstock-Spa-still-life-with-bamboo-fou-46702012-2

If you want to clean up all the distraction and disorganization that interfere with bringing your ideas all the way through to completion, then put some effort into organizing your physical space and bringing greater order to your life. Try Feng-sui, it works!


3.  Embracing Uncertainty:

Creative Leaders understand that uncertainties are unavoidable and it is futile to try and control all variables.  Outside the comfort zone of control is where all the magic happens, and when you step outside that comfort zone, you are stepping into the unknown, where uncertainties abound.   Outside the Box.001

The reason this is “where the magic happens” is that Uncertainty opens us up to the sea of possibility, multiple options, giving greater opportunity for choice and exercising free will. 

This principle requires we adapt an attitude of accepting, even enjoying, and allowing it to be ok for there to be unknowns. Rather than stressing over things that are beyond our control, it is in the Uncertainties of life that provide room for us to deepen our trust in the universal order and to allow the journey to unfold. This step is essential for our shift in consciousness.   Want to learn more on how to develop yourself as a Quantum Creative Leader?   Check out our FREE Webinar on the 7 Keys to Cultivating Quantum Creativity here.