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Alchemy & Breakthrough Creativity

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard


In alchemy there is a saying that when it comes to creating or transforming things, it must “ascend from earth to heaven and again descend to earth.” In so doing, we “revive the strength of both the superior and inferior realms.”


The Thinker


This means that we have to first lift our consciousness up to higher planes, up to a higher way of perceiving, in order to truly access new ideas, insights, and breakthrough creativity.


Then we must bring it back down into the very practical world to manifest it, and bring it into tangible form. Then we repeat this process.  We raise up to a higher plane again and we bring it back down again.




The more we can continue this cycle of raising up to higher planes of consciousness and then bring the new ideas back down to the tangible, material realm, that is when we can successfully combine the strength of both consciousness as well as material, physical form.


Essentially, we are combining these powers of our inner and our outer, of above and below.  This is the fundamental approach we train people in for accessing breakthrough creativity and quantum consciousness.


Brain Waves


This is very different from how most traditional approaches to problem solving operate today.  Most people have been conditioned to approach problem solving from the Industrial mindset of: what is practical, what is logical, and what makes physical sense? This pattern of thinking stems from the old paradigm of Newtonian Mechanics.


While it is practical and certainly has its place in the flow of making things happen, when it comes to accessing breakthrough creativity, this approach is too limited and linear.  It assumes that the only realm to operate in is the physical, material, practical world. You may enjoy reading more about this Old Paradigm approach in my blog Let Your Brain Out of the Box.


The problem we have now is that our way of thinking has been conditioned by these old assumptions.  Quantum Physics today shows us a different approach, one that engages our participation and where consciousness plays a key role.


We live in a participatory universe.  What we experience and create is really based on what and how we are choosing to perceive.


World Vision


In other words, what we focus on and how we set up our patterns of behavior largely influence our experience of the world.



So how does this work?


Last week, we explored alchemy and the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire which are used as symbols to represent aspects of ourselves, as well as stages of transformation.


These 4 elements can be used to help us to not only access different states of our consciousness but also to drive the transformational process.


Control Emotions.


Lets say for example, you are stuck in an old pattern, behavior, or way of thinking, and you want to make a breakthrough.  The first step is to break down the old pattern in order to catalyze the breakthrough.  When we are stuck, in alchemy we would call this a fixed position and we want to make it volatile.


We want to start breaking that up and changing it.  So the element that we would work with is Fire.  Remember, Fire is the most active part of our imagination and consciousness, so we use Fire to make the breakthrough.

Flame Background


On the other hand, lets say that things are getting a little too erratic, chaotic, and unformed.  You want to contain all of this into some form so that things can settle down and crystallize into something you can really work with at a practical level.


In this case, we want to use the element of Earth. Remember Earth is all about grounding into the physical form and putting it into action.


Grass. Fresh green grass with dew drops closeup. Sun. Soft Focus


In alchemy, we work between Fire, Water, Air and Earth, in that sequence, to keep shifting the energy dynamic and to help harness it according to what our purpose is. Alchemy gives us a 7-step formula for applying these elements in sequence to drive the transformational process all the way through from starting point to final result. This is why alchemy is so essential to mastering the creative breakthrough process.


The more you can learn to work with these tools and access higher states of consciousness, the faster and easier it will become to make these creative breakthroughs.


Stay tuned for our next blogs in this series, where we will start to explore the 7-steps of the Alchemical Formula for Transformation.

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Dr. Theresa Bullard, is the founder of QLA Consulting, co-founder of Mysterium Center in LA as well as the Universal Kabbalah Network, and is an International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. She combines a Physics Ph.D. with a lifelong path of exploring consciousness and ancient wisdom traditions. For more info about Theresa and her work go to



Creative Transformation: Alchemy & The Four Elements

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard


Deepak Chopra says, “The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.”


Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset. Beautiful woman in


How many of us suffer because we are not able to access our full potential? How many struggle at work to create or to complete projects?  How may of us feel this tension in our lives?


Alchemy reveals to us a different way.  It shows us how to harness this tension and use it towards our advantage.


Healer's Sparkling Energy Website Banner


In last week’s blog, we looked at alchemy and polarity. For the next two weeks,  we will explore alchemy and the 4 elements and how they can be used to harness transformation and access breakthrough creativity.


Control Emotions.


In alchemy, the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire are used as symbols to represent aspects of ourselves, as well as stages of transformation.


These 4 elements can be used to help us to access different states of our consciousness and also to drive the transformational process.




Flame Background


Fire represents the creative spark.  It is our passion and desire.  Fire stimulates original ideas and breakthroughs. The element of Fire is the most active part of our imagination and consciousness.


We can use the symbol of fire anytime we want to access creativity, originality, and excitement. We can also use it to break through an old form that has become too rigid or is blocking us from progression, because fire is the most dynamic element that can burn away the densest forms. Fire usually is invoked to initiate or catalyze a new transformational cycle in Alchemy.




Blue sky background with a tiny clouds


Air symbolizes and gives access to thought patterns of the mind.  Like the thoughts in our mind, air is constantly moving, expanding, and reaching out.  The symbol of air thus invokes reason and logic, yet in an expansive way rather than a limiting way.


Since air is constantly moving it symbolizes allowing our thoughts to flow more freely, like a jet-stream of thought that is moving in the directions we send it in. When we can really harness the element of Air, we can clear away the clouds so to speak and bring more clarity to the mind.


In Alchemy, air is used to help us use discernment and get clear about what is what – what to separate out or discard, and what to keep. It is also used to help us raise our awareness to higher levels of consciousness and subtlety.






Water symbolizes our emotional energy and our creative intuition.  Water is about our ability to flow and be flexible and keep the stream of creativity flowing all the way through to its destination.  Water will also take on the shape of whatever container you put it in, so it is malleable and encourages us to be adaptable.


In Alchemy, water is used for purification and cleansing or dissolving away any impurities or imbalances in a system. Water also has a great capacity for memory, something that has been scientifically verified, thus it serves as a great medium for storing or containing information and energy, in order to help it integrate into a more tangible and physical level.




Grass. Fresh green grass with dew drops closeup. Sun. Soft Focus


Earth symbolizes solidity and is therefore about grounding higher energies and ideas into physical form. Earth brings things into the tangible, practical world where we can put them into application and action.


Taking action is ultimately what produces results. We can think and be creative all day long, but without action, nothing happens. These steps of getting grounded and practical are what the element of Earth helps us to access. When it comes to earth and bringing things to a physical level, we must also engage the body and its system of feelings through the five senses in order to make it more real and tangible, so that we will have a sense of what it will feel like once the transformation is complete. Earth is therefore where we get more measurable, tangible, and specific in our creative process.


So now that we understand the symbology of each element,  how can we then use the 4 elements  to harness transformation and access breakthrough creativity. Stay tuned next week for part two of our blog.



The Emergence of a New Type of Leader

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard


What comes to mind when you think of creativity? A painting? A song? Perhaps a new invention or way of thinking?  Did you know that creativity is at the foundation of innovation and problem solving? In fact, it is now recognized as a key factor to success.

Businessman painting abstract colorful design on gray background concept for  business creativity, iBusinessman painting abstract colorful design on gray background concept for  business creativity, i

Businessman painting abstract colorful design on gray background concept for  business creativity, ibigstock-Creation-Of-Eve-57375380


This is why now more than ever it is critical that leaders possess the ability to access creativity and utilize it to drive their team and projects to success.


Understanding the power of creativity is essential for maintaining high performance, sustained advantage, and for identifying new solutions to the problems of today’s ever changing economy.


What is Creativity?


Creative Business Idea


Creativity is the part of us that envisions beyond our immediate physical experience of the world around us.  Creativity is the ability to use imagination to develop new and original ideas or things.  Using this key faculty of Imagination, it guides our creations, our dreams, and even our fears.


What is a Creative Advantage?


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The Creative Advantage, is the ability to continually tap into new ideas, solutions, and innovations.  This rests upon first being able to harness imagination.  A leader must not only learn to tap in to new ideas but also be able to break past the barriers to creativity when they “hit a wall” or have “creative block.”  When we are talking innovation, we are also talking about making Breakthroughs.


What is a Breakthrough?


Arrow with word Creativity breaking brick wall. Concept 3D illus


A breakthrough is an event that causes or marks the breaking down of a barrier to progress.  A breakthrough can also be an important new discovery.  As Albert Einstein said best, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.


Enter the Era of Creative Leader




Creativity is one of fundamental qualities we must cultivate as leaders.  Whatever your area of leadership may be, if your work touches society or the lives of people, it is time to develop new strategies for enhancing your creativity.


The Creative Leader is a new term that has emerged to coin the next generation leader who drives innovation through fostering an environment of Inspiration, Imagination, and Breakthrough Creativity.


Another blog you may find interesting is one where we identified some of the key Qualities of a Modern Day Creative Leader.  As leaders, we must learn practical techniques for continually tapping in to new ideas, solutions, and innovations that will keep us flourishing and evolving.


A key solution, we at Quantum Leap Alchemy see, is to move leaders out of the box of old ways of thinking, and to train you to master the arts and sciences of transformation and of accessing breakthrough creativity.


In fact, we believe another type of leader, one who recognizes that both Creativity and Transformation emerge from a Higher Plane of Consciousness, or from the Quantum Realm will become the next generation Transformational Leader.


Introducing the Quantum Creative Leader


Creative Business


There is much discussion these days about Transformational Leadership, a style of leadership in which one uses authentic presence, vision and inspiration to motivate others.  These are leaders who have the ability to skillfully embrace change, empower others and ultimately transform us.


The Quantum Creative Leader recognizes this ability to create and transform arise from higher consciousness and are able to access this realm to drive creative breakthroughs and change.


As author Danah Zohar states, “Quantum thinking is vital to creative thinking and leadership in organizations. It is the key to any genuine organizational transformation. It is the key to shifting our paradigm.”


We’ve identified 3 essential steps that allow you to access this higher plane of consciousness known as the Quantum Domain and ultimately elevate your creativity capacity to become a next generation Transformational Leader, a Quantum Creative Leader.  Stay tuned next week as we look closely at these 3 steps.



Are You Ready for Your Next Step? Think Quantum

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard

Are you ready to take the quantum leap?



Here at last, as promised, is the crux of what it means to Think Quantum.

Check out Part 4 of our 4 Part Video Blog Series:


In essence, making the leap into the Quantum Mindset shifts us from a paradigm of limitation to one of boundless possibility.


Abstract speed motion in urban highway road tunnel


By thinking quantum, you can move from operating at jet speed to processing at light speed.


Brain Waves

You can shift from being bound by a mechanical, linear, logical, rational, and analytical way of thinking into a non-linear, multi-dimensional way of thinking that is tuned-in to “the field.”


Abstract Wave Analyzer


You can perceive beyond static structures, where everything appears to be based on form and material, to instead becoming aware of the all-pervasive fields of energy and vibration or “vibratory energy.”


Brain Cells and Deep Space elements of this image furnished by N

You can discover how to step outside the timeline of past-present-future, and step into the ever present, Here and Now.


If you are ready to move beyond the box of two- and three-dimensional thinking, into thinking fractally and holographically, then come take the leap with us into the quantum domain.  Interestingly, human creativity works remarkably similar to that of quantum processes.


Molecular Thoughts


Quantum thinking takes creative thinking several steps further into really being able to consciously tap in to the source where all creativity originates.


When you are coming from quantum thinking then you are in a space of awareness that transcends and precedes labels, structures, and familiar patterns of thought.

By first accessing a state of higher consciousness, we can then tap into the Quantum View of reality and become aware of the many possibilities available for making a breakthrough or a “Quantum Leap” in our creative thinking.



This Quantum mindset gives you access to a thought process that is creative, insightful, intuitive, and able to make breakthroughs or leaps.

With quantum thinking you can more easily challenge assumptions, create new categories, change structures, transform thought patterns, and leap out of old habits.  The Quantum Mindset is one that is based upon the principles of Quantum Physics.


Brillant Idea


Quantum Physics has shown to be the most successful physics theory that we have ever had.


All attempts to disprove quantum theory have failed, while all attempts to verify it have succeeded. It may not be the final answer at the foundation of our existence, but it is hands down the best we have to-date. Much of our newer technologies today, such as cell phones, fast laptops and tablets, lasers, etc. are based on quantum technology.



Quantum principles underlie everything in our Universe. We live in a Quantum Universe, from the smallest particles to the largest structures of inter-galactic space.

In our next article we will take a look at the essential concepts that are being revealed to us by the new sciences and how they compare to the old, classical view of things.




Let Your Brain Out of the Box: Identifying the Old Paradigm

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard 

Science shows that we have HUGE potential and that we are only tapping into a tiny fraction of that potential that is within us. We are perceiving only 1% of the physical reality around us.  We are using only 3% of our DNA to actively code for proteins.


Check out Part 2 of our 4 Part Video Blog Series:


We are using just 10% of our brain capacity for conscious processing and activities.  All of the rest of our potential, which is a large majority, is untapped for most people.  This potential is not there for no reason.  It is there for us to grow into.  

So, what is in the way of us accessing more of our potential?



We propose that it is largely an issue of mindset. We have been conditioned into a limited mindset that prevents us from expanding into our greatness. What is this box we have been conditioned and indoctrinated into that has trapped us into a very limited way of operating?


So what is this old box?


To put it simply, the old box is the mechanical way of thinking that is left over from the Industrial Age The old mechanistic way of thinking is limited, linear and based on pure logic and a material worldview.

It’s roots go back to the paradigm adapted from Newtonian physics, which is several hundred years old and is what sparked the Industrial Revolution.




Before we reveal the problems with this old paradigm, we first want to credit Isaac Newton for the good his genius brought to our world.


The work he brought through at that time was revolutionary.  It kicked off a major revolution and from it came the Industrial Revolution, which made way for many good technologies that we have today.

His revelations took us out of an era of superstition and into the idea that we can really understand our world and harness these forces that are available to us.



What many people don’t realize is that Isaac Newton was actually an Alchemist.


In Science history teachings, this fact that he was an Alchemist has largely been swept under the rug. Although in more recent years it is being revealed again.  In truth, Isaac Newton was trying to understand “the mind of God” rather than taking “God” out of the equation.


Molecular Thoughts


He had hundreds of volumes of journals on alchemy and personal thoughts regarding this matter of spirit and consciousness being essential ingredients in our physical world.  Yet for all the alchemical work he dedicated his life to, what he has been most known for in the history books is one volume of papers he published beginning in 1687 referred to as Principia (a shortened version of the full title), where he gave his force equations describing moving objects and gravitation, which later became the foundation of classical mechanics.



While much good was sparked from these theories at the time, we now are at a point where we have grown beyond it.  The classical paradigm is limiting us.


That old box is exactly what we need to get out of, and this is the first quantum leap we must now make. In order to make this leap out, it helps to have a clear sense of what the boundaries of this box are, so we can recognize what we must leap beyond.


So, what are the basic principles that the Newtonian paradigm was built upon?  



Creative Human Brain

Reductionism is the idea that we can reduce a whole down to its parts.

For example, if we want to know what a human being is, we can look at the brain and what the brain does, the heart and what the heart does, the liver and what the liver does, and so on.  Essentially, we can separate all the pieces out and understand what they do at their individual levels and then we think we know what a human being is.

So reductionism is the idea that a complex system can be reduced to the sum of its parts.  



Group Organization

Determinism is the belief that everything runs on clockwork, that there are formulas and basic principles that, when given precise initial conditions, for example if you know where something starts, you can theoretically calculate it’s entire future.

Determinism is everything is working like clockwork.  If there were some “all seeing eye” that knew the conditions of every particle in the universe, theoretically according to this model, it would know the entire future of the universe.  In this concept, there is no “free will”.  There is no conscious choice.  There is no room for something new to come in and change that.


open mind key locked un locked brain mind

The third principle of Separatism states that different objects have boundaries and they are not connected if they do not share the same boundaries. Therefore, separatism says we are isolated in the universe. 

It claims, we are separate from the stars, they don’t affect us;  we are separate from each other; we are separate from what happens on the other side of the world; and the observer or experimenter is separate from the observed. A natural evolution of separatism was the Darwinian theory of “survival of the fittest.”  This concept implied that if we are separate then there is something outside of us to distrust, fear, or struggle against.  So the “survival of the fittest” idea, and the competition that comes from it, further compounded upon this paradigm of Separatism.



This principle is based on the concept that this is a real and materialistic world.

Another way of looking at this is that you can only trust what you can sense with your five physical senses.  I have to see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, or smell it.  I have to be able to experiment on it.  It must be physical and material and something I can experiment on or it doesn’t exist.

This concept, taken to the extreme, says that the only thing that is real is the physical. 

In this view, consciousness and spirit are all in the imagination and do not really exist beyond being reduced to a bio-chemical process in the brain and body. Still to this day many scientists are trying to explain the essence of who we are and our conscious awareness as some epiphenomenon in the brain.

So what is the truth? The truth is NONE of this is fundamentally correct. 

At best, these classical theories are an approximation of how we experience natural phenomenon. But more and more is being revealed showing that the truth is far deeper, stranger, and more intricate than what these old Newtonian concepts would have you believe.

Where do we go from here?

Mind Burst

The first step of transformation is to completely shatter the old form, the old box, the old structure, to break it apart into pieces, purify things to their most basic essence, and then see what pieces must be re-gathered into a new form.

Stay tuned as we dive further into the problems with the old paradigm way of thinking and what the new physics is revealing about the deeper nature of things.



Old Ways are No Longer Working: How to Transform the Way You See the World

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By Dr. Theresa Bullard


We have been trained, conditioned and lead into a certain way of believing, perceiving and thinking in our world. Yet that old paradigm, which dates back to several hundred years ago, that we have built so much of our lives and society upon is simply no longer working.

Check out Part 1 of our 4 Part Video Blog Series:



The evidence we have that it is not working, is that so many aspects of our “business as usual world” are crumbling.  Things have been going through a rapid, chaotic dissolution or dissolving of old structures, and new ways are coming in and transforming life as we knew it.  As this is happening people are wondering what is going on and how to best deal with the changes.


We see the old ways no longer work as effectively, but what is going to work? What new strategies do we implement? How do we shift?





If we go back in history we can see dominant theories or philosophies that were really ingrained into the culture of that time.   As those dominant philosophies shifted, then a whole restructuring would coincide.



The innovations, new technologies, and insights that would come through were funneled around whatever the dominant philosophy was at the time.


What outdated theories are still in place today?


The Industrial Age:




More than anything, the main framework of the old paradigm box that is holding us back is based upon a mindset that was established during the Industrial Age.  The Industrial Age was an era that involved a very mechanical way of thinking.  The mindset was centered on making things practical, mechanical, calculated and controllable.

We came to believe that we could engineer things and all systems should work like clockwork. So the Industrial Age set up a pattern of being materialistic and mechanically oriented.


The Space Age: 




Next we moved forward to the Space Age where we began to move beyond the limitations of being earth-bound and we could begin to explore the outer reaches of space, both technologically and within our imagination.

Thus the Space Age launched us into a new mindset where we could get beyond the limitations of space (though not time), whereas in the Industrial Age we were very limited in both space and time.


In the Space Age, technologies began to become more automated.  It was no longer sweat equity and hard work by manual labor.  Instead, robotics and machinery began to do more of the work for us, through automation.  However, even during the Space Age, our mindset was still very mechanically oriented.


One of the greatest shifts the Space Age helped us to make was to literally see that we are one planet.  We transitioned from seeing a land lock view of our immediate environment to seeing the whole earth. This in and of itself was a huge quantum leap in our consciousness.  From it, we began to think more globally.


Digital Age: 




Moving forward into the late 20th century and to today, with the Digital Age, just about everything has become automated and quick.  The value system is less about a mechanical skill base and more about an information and technology skill base.  In the Digital Age, not only are we no longer limited by space, we are now no longer as limited by time. We now have instant access to information, communication, commerce and with the emergence of the “internet of things”, so much of our lives are becoming automated.


The greatest shift of the Digital Age, came with the introduction of virtual connections and social networks. We are now more aware than ever of how interconnected our world is. We truly are living in a global network, and we are realizing how we are not only one planet, we are one people, a collective.



So what has come of all of this?


The internet is now an integral part of education, of work, and of our lives.  As a result of being more connected, yet still having a mindset influenced by the old Industrial Age’s emphasis on linear process and limitations in space-time, we are feeling stretched. Stress is rising, as many feel as though they are barely keeping up with all of the information being received and all that competes for our attention.



It has become this race against the clock.  We feel compressed in time, as though there is not enough time in the day to get through all the things that are constantly coming at us. 

The younger generations who grew up with this are having an easier time because their minds are working in a very different way. For the older generations, they are having to adjust, adapt and stretch.  One must now be connected or else the world will pass you by very quickly.  The pace of life is speeding up as time becomes more compressed and so much more is happening.


What are the results of time speeding up?




More than ever, people suffer from anxiety, stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, uncertainty, fear, depression, reactivity, and struggle.


To cope, there are more people in modern society who are turning to various substances, especially pharmaceutical psycho-active prescriptions that numb the emotions and mental activity.  All of this leads to dropping balls and living an ineffective life. Such a life is one that might “survive” and “get by”, but it is hardly a life that thrives.


So how do we handle fast paced life?


In order to handle this fast paced life, it comes down to one thing, we need a fundamental shift in the way we are interacting, perceiving and dealing with all the information and the world. 




So that is going to require that we let our brains out of the box, take a quantum leap and go through a paradigm shift. The good news is, that it is already happening, and there is a formula and pathway you can follow to more proactively make the shift and take charge in your life again.





In our coming series of blogs, you will learn more about this paradigm shift that is already underway and what you can do to take the quantum leap. Stay tuned for our next article to explore more deeply what is this box that limits our consciousness and our way of thinking and perceiving. We also invite you to read through our previous posts on how to relieve stress and open up your creative flow more effectively.