Stepping into Quantum Creative Leadership



By Dr. Theresa Bullard


At a time of increasing complexity and rapid change, leaders around the world and across industries are recognizing that the role of a leader is shifting.




The 20th century “command-and-control” approach, which spawned from the 18th and 19th century Industrial Age based on the bottom line motives of driving results and delivering numbers, no longer works sustainably.


Now more than ever, there is a growing imperative for leaders and organizations to keep pace and maintain creative advantage.  To effect change, today’s leaders must become Transformational Leaders who can effectively engage those they lead and guide them all the way through the change process.




This includes being able to communicate and articulate clear purpose and organizational values, create a shared vision, build collaboration and teamwork, make effective decisions, and creatively solve problems.


Quantum Creative Leaders not only recognize that they create their world, they also have the tools and understanding to know how to do this more consciously.


So now the question is what are the steps to becoming a Quantum Creative Leader?


Creative Business


We’ve identified 3 Essential Steps that allow you to access this transformative way of operating and ultimately elevate your creativity capacity to become a Quantum Creative Leader:  Cultivate – Quantum – Expansion


Step #1 Cultivate 




This first step means to actively cultivate Creativity. There are 7 key areas for elevating your creative capacity and raising the bar to gain an advantage as a leader.


These include first and foremost developing your imagination.  Innovation happens through “leaps of imagination.” and so learning to develop your imaginative capacity is critical to cultivating creativity.


Creative Business Idea


Next, creativity requires multiple brain regions, including both hemispheres of the cortex as well as deeper brain structures, to function at its optimal potential. Learning to rewire your brain is an essential task.  You may enjoy our blog 3 Steps to Rewire Your Brain for Creativity.


This is followed by the process of allowing. Rather than stressing to pull out an idea from your head, you can simply choose to loosen up and allow it to come through you.


Businessman painting abstract colorful design on gray background concept for  business creativity, iEnjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset. Beautiful woman in


Interaction is another key central to cultivating creativity.  A creative leader is open to the ideas of others and encourages interaction amongst those they lead.  The fifth key to cultivating creativity is all about Space.  This relates to both physical environment, as well as time and mental space to get into a creative flow.


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Cultivating creativity also requires you are operating at the edge.  This refers to being outside the comfort zone of routine, outside the box of patterned ways of thinking and doing. The final key is uncertainty.   This key shows us how to adapt an attitude of accepting, even enjoying, and allowing it to be ok for there to be unknowns.


Interested in learning more about these 7 Keys and how to begin working with them right now?  Check out our FREE video on the 7 Keys to Cultivating Creative Advantage and download our complimentary E-Book!


Step #2 Quantum


Molecular Thoughts


This second step is about embracing a Quantum Mindset & New Paradigm Approach. When you do, you can transform your approach from one of limitation to boundless possibility.


Human creativity works very similar to the creativity of quantum processes. Quantum thinking takes creative thinking several steps further into really being able to Consciously tap in to the source where all creativity originates from.  When you are coming from quantum thinking then you are in a space of awareness that transcends and precedes labels, structures, and familiar patterns of thought.


Mind Stream


By first accessing a state of Higher Consciousness, we can then tap into the Quantum View of reality and become aware of the many possibilities available for making a breakthrough or a “Quantum Leap” in our creative thinking.


This Quantum mindset gives you access to a thought process that is creative, insightful, intuitive, and able to make breakthroughs or leaps.  With quantum thinking you can more easily challenge assumptions, create new categories, change structures, transform thought patterns, leap out of old habits.


Brain Waves


Quantum thinking coincides with using our whole brain in a synchronous way. In such a state we are able to radically rewire our brains. Potentially in an instant. Sometimes a 6-second window of truly getting into the Quantum Zone is all you need to carry you for an entire week.


Brillant Idea


Getting into that space is where the art comes in. It does take some repetition to train ourselves to access it, but when you do and you really get the feeling of it, then it can gets easier and easier to recreate that experience.


Step #3 Expansion


Thought Cloud

The final step of Expansion refers to one who purposefully expands consciousness outside the box of limited perception in order to make breakthroughs in creative innovation and problem solving tasks.


In Quantum Consciousness, we actually go into a space of awareness where the box doesn’t even exist.


But then once we tap into the new idea or inspiration that we want to bring into tangible reality, we bring it into the framework of the mind so that we can work with it in a practical way. In so doing, it transforms our mind, while our mind simultaneously works to harness it and bring it into form.


So Cultivate – Quantum – Expansion will take you on your way to becoming a Quantum Creative Leader.


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