Play With Me Says the Universe



By Dr. Theresa Bullard


While quantum physics can be rather complex mathematically, the core principles are now widely accepted.   When we look into the quantum domain there are really profound insights to be discovered!



Mind Metaphor

We can now see how this relates to our experience of the world, and how we can use it to improve our everyday lives. By analyzing the historical development of quantum theory, I’ve realized that there are 4 principles that give us a new conceptual view of reality.


Once we adopt this quantum framework we can more clearly shift our mindset and perceptions out of the old and into a new paradigm view of reality.  Below is a chart that compares the old classical view, and the new view of quantum physics.


From Newtonian to Quantum (A comparison between old-paradigm and new-paradigm principles)


Old Paradigm (Newtonian) New Paradigm (Quantum)
Realism/Materialism  Consciousness
Determinism/Certainty Complementarity/Uncertainty
Separatism Connectivity
Reductionism Contextuality


Here are some characteristics of these 4 Key Quantum Principles:


#1 Consciousness


Molecular Thoughts

It is from consciousness that all else springs. From the smallest and most basic unit, everything is co-creative, observer-based, and participatory.


Choice reigns supreme. It is in this first principle that connection to ancient monistic wisdom systems becomes evident.


#2 Complementarity



There are NO absolutes; uncertainty is implicit.


The Quantum view is a “both-and” kind of mindset that allows for multiple truths.  Simultaneous possibilities and probabilities always exist.  Everything observable has a complement (opposite) – example: Is the state a wave or a particle?  The more you focus on one variable, the more uncertain you will be about its complement.  Embrace uncertainty, rather than trying to control all variables or thinking that things can be pre-determined.


#3 Connectivity


Network People

The part contains the whole, and the whole reflects the part.

All things:

-Are influenced by interconnected relationships;

-Emerge from interacting parts of a system; and

-Tend to seek union or bonding in order to create more stable systems.


#4 Contextuality


Brain Waves

From context comes meaning.  Meaning is determined by the conditions we give through our participation.


By the very act of observing or making a measurement we alter the state of the quantum possibilities. In our assumptions, choices, and decisions to interact with or measure a quantum phenomenon, we create the context for that quantum thing to emerge from potential to actual.


In other words, through our participation with the quantum field, we co-create and give meaning to the Universe’s existence.


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