Great leaders have a sense of self-actualization and the energy to inspire others into leadership. A highly effective leader is creative, intuitive, inspirational, portrays confidence, has positive energy, and is clear in their intentions. Yet, however good they may be, every leader still has room for more growth. In order to stay ahead of changing conditions and to continue to make greater impact as leaders, we are consistently in a position of needing to become better versions of ourselves.

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Being an effective leader requires us to overcome certain resistances and internal struggles we face within ourselves and others. What creates this inner struggle? When we are incongruent with our highest priorities, commitments, and our true calling, this is what creates resistance in our life. Resistance limits our ability to allow our potential to manifest and to feel completely fulfilled. By releasing unconscious patterns that keep us stuck, and by activating our dormant potential, we can exponentially increase our efficiency as leaders. We can enhance our power by deepening our personal connection to inner resources, as well as by activating more of our innate abilities.

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Have you ever felt that there was more potential and gifts hidden within you? Yet have you struggled to fully realize these in your life? Are you ready for a tool that can help boost you to the next level of your empowerment and ability to shine as a leader? One of the most powerful ways for bringing more of our full potential online is through a method known as the Life Activation. The Life Activation is based on traditions preserved and passed down since ancient times through the mystery school lineage of King Salomon, who was known as one of the wisest leaders of history. It utilizes methods of awakening our inner gifts, activating dormant potential, and releasing blocks within our DNA. The Life Activation is a tool of personal empowerment that assists one in fully aligning with their life’s purpose and greater potential. This activation re-aligns us with our higher self and helps us to more gracefully release blocks or resistance to flowing our full capacity. By helping us see ourselves more clearly, and giving us the energy and insight needed to make the best decisions for our lives and our work in the world, this activation enhances our abilities as creators and as leaders.

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Our bodies are mostly madeup of energy. Science has even shown that our bodies and DNA both emit and receive coherent light. The Life Activation works with this light to help us bring in and hold more life force energy within the body and energetic field. This life force enhances the physical body’s vitality, which empowers us to maximize our potential and opens us up to greatness. The activation further catalyzes a process of releasing and clearing unconscious patterns, such as old emotional traps or limiting beliefs, that we tend to get caught up in. Releasing these patterns frees up energy that we can then redirect towards accomplishing our goals, allowing us to be more confident and empowered leaders. Clearing the body and energy field of limiting blocks also allows us to realize latent talents and abilities just waiting to be expressed. Our ongoing success as leaders depends upon us continuing to work towards greater self-development and betterment of ourselves, so that we can keep pushing the edge and break through to our next level of potential. As a leader, bio-hacking our brain’s potential is a key piece that allows us to maximize our productivity in creation and the results we achieve. The Life Activation can further help you with this by increasing your ability to rewire and access more of your brain capacity.

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Our DNA has coding that helps determine different traits, expressions, and patterns that we have. Epigenetics now shows that we can change our DNA’s expression and that we are not solely limited by our genes. The Life Activation can help repair the DNA and turn on epigenetic switches to reactivate those parts of your blueprint not illuminated with energy. It also works on clearing certain family and genetic pre-dispositions to help release generational patterns that may have been passed down. This activation tool uses a very specific process that translates a new signal to the master cell of the body, the pineal gland, with information on how to turn on positive potentials within the rest of the body and mind, and clean up negative ones. Most importantly, it expands your level of awareness so that you can make better choices, with more insight, wisdom, and positive attitudes that align with your greater potential and purpose in this life.

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The full Life Activation session includes several energy alignments to help you achieve a sense of balance, clarity, centeredness, empowerment and connection with mind, body, and spirit. It further helps to clear the body and mind of negativity, uplifting your mood and getting you more in touch with your authentic self. The energy session also involves balancing out the various layers of the energy body. The clearings and re-balancing bring a sense of centered power to the individual. Also it provides the necessary inner transformation from just one session to heal emotions or other energetic experiences. The activation also includes reading and feedback that will support you integrating the new energy patterns into your life so you can sustain them.

By activating our dormant talents we are able to access our potential as leaders. The inflow of light through activation clears us of old patterns, which frees us to live as authentic expressions of our greatest selves. This shift on a cellular level transforms our lives and really creates momentum for the realization of our greatest dreams. It is a service to ourselves that has the potential to balance our emotions, physical body, mental state, and ability to create.

How to Book a a Session:

If you would like to receive a Life Activation, which is done in-person through a 2 hour one-on-one session, please contact us today. Private sessions with Dr. Theresa Bullard are provided at Mysterium Center in Los Angeles, California and cost is $350.  You may contact us to book a session by filling out the ‘contact us’ form.

If you would still like to receive a Life Activation and cannot make it to Los Angeles please contact us so we can refer you to someone closer to your area with the same training.