How To Re-Ignite your Dreams & Breakthrough Limits!



How To Re-Ignite your Dreams & Breakthrough Limits!


In today’s world there’s a widespread feeling of being limited by time, energy, money, and circumstances. With so much demanding for your time and attention and so many things to keep on top of, I understand how hard it can be to take time for yourself. Unfortunately, this problem has become so pervasive that many people have even stopped dreaming for themselves and are stuck in just trying to get by. Has this ever happened to you?


But, do you know WHY we really lose track of what we want in life? It actually has nothing to do with outer limits or circumstances. In the wise words of my friend and colleague, Eric Thompson, “It’s because we think small.” Our Negative EGO wants us to stay small and in the “comfort zone”. So we buy into our limitations, because it feels easier than having to push through them. We have forgotten that we are truly powerful beings who are here to live an abundant, fulfilling and joyful life.


Don’t let your dreams die! Keep that flame of inspiration alive inside of you! Have a dream that matters to you and becomes your guiding light in life. Then take steps each day in the direction of your dream.
The biggest two obstacles to creating more masterfully in your life and accomplishing your dreams are typically, 1) lack of clarity, 2) lack of an effective formula or system for how to manifest more powerfully. The first obstacle is entirely internal, it is in how you think and feel about yourself and life. The key to breaking through this obstacle was written above the doors to all the ancient mystery schools: Know Thyself, remember who you truly are, and reclaim that power that is within you! The second obstacle is due to lack of exposure to the Correct Knowledge of how we are naturally designed to create. You might say that this is “easier said than done”, but from my own experience, what has worked for me and thousands of others, time and again, is to apply the tools taught through the Universal Kabbalah.


YOU CAN BREAKTHROUGH THESE OBSTACLES USING THE TOOLS AND KNOWLEDGE TAUGHT BY UNIVERSAL KABBALAH. Kabbalah comes to us from ancient times and has been used by many successful masters throughout the history of the west. Masters and visionaries such as King Solomon, Jesus, Isaac Newton, Nicola Tesla, David Bowie, and so many more. What secrets did these masters know that they were able to use to accomplish their great achievements?


You see, Kabbalah teaches a hidden formula for how to create like a master… to create like God creates… to create the way we were meant to create!


I’m always amazed at how much can be accomplished while working this formula and applying it towards the accomplishment of my needs and desires. Once you are equipped with this formula for manifestation, there truly are no limits to what you can accomplish, except for when you impose limits upon yourself. And that is where the system of Universal Kabbalah also comes in…to help you get out of your own way, to clear the path to what it is you want to experience, and to attract more of what you desire. It is also important that you come to a point within yourself where you are more fully aligned with your Greatest Self, have clarity of what is most in harmony with your life purpose, and can more masterfully harness your own will to be a conscious creator in this world.


In bringing you to greater mastery of your self and your creative abilities, Kabbalah also helps you to restructure and optimize your mind, rewire and expand your consciousness, and use greater brain capacity. This allows you to becoming more multidimensional and multifaceted so you can accomplish more.


The transformation is also sustainable! You can achieve in 10 months of working with Universal Kabbalah what would take most people 10 years to a lifetime to accomplish without it.


Kabbalah is a vast system that has many layers of depth to it, so to most effectively learn this system and navigate your way through its formulas requires a guide, someone who has shown proficiency and has the proper training and understanding to take you through this transformational process. And, if you want to experience and learn Kabbalah without being bogged down by any religious dogma or complexity, then I can whole-heartedly recommend working with a Universal Kabbalah Teacher trained by the Modern Mystery School. I have had the great privilege of being one such teacher, and have traveled around the world to train groups of people in this amazing ancient system in such a way that it applies directly into life. In the mystery school, we don’t just teach you about the subject, we teach you THE TOOLS FOR LIFE. WE LEARN IT BY LIVING IT!


What EXCITES me the most about being a Kabbalah teacher is being able to take you to the next level in your life, witnessing your breakthroughs, and helping you reconnect with your greater empowerment, abundance, True Self, and giving you the tools to create your ULTIMATE LIFE. It feels so GOOD! And I am always AMAZED to see the RESULTS it produces in the lives of my clients!


In invite you to join me in experiencing this amazing system! This October, I am offering two great opportunities to get started with learning the formulas for manifestation and creating like a master. Plus at these two events, I will be making a great offer for anyone who wants to sign up early for our next 10-month Journey of Ascending the Tree of Life that starts in LA in March. See the image links below for more details.






I am excited to have you join us in this adventure where you can 10X your creative abilities and more powerfully manifest the life of your dreams!

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Dr. Theresa Bullard, is the founder of QLA Consulting, co-founder of Mysterium Center in LA as well as the Universal Kabbalah Network, and is an International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. She combines a Physics Ph.D. with a lifelong path of exploring consciousness and ancient wisdom traditions. For more info about Theresa and her work go to



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