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Get Into The Gap

matrixRemember in the movie The Matrix, when Neo makes the shift from seeing solid “real” things that impose limitations like people, walls, buildings, bullets, etc … to suddenly being able to see all of it as just a string of binary code of 1’s (in green light) and 0’s (in black)?

Remember how after making that shift, Neo is then able to more easily manipulate and redirect the Matrix… and his sense of limitations cease…and he becomes “The One”?

That shift in consciousness is a great metaphor for what is possible when we can Masterfully move into the Gap!


What is the Gap?


The Gap has to do with the Quantum Realm. In fact, it is a reference to what the word “Quantum” really means, that is the space between allowed expressions of matter, or the time lapse between events. It is the ground state or background upon which all events take place, or the blank canvas upon which all forms take shape.

Accessing this Gap is an essential key to shifting into Quantum Consciousness. By focusing on the GAP between events or thoughts or expressions, rather than on the expressions themselves, we can tap into the vast potential of the Quantum Realm. By getting into the Gap, you can neutralize fears, melt away stress, embrace uncertainty, and access a deep well of vast potential energy and creativity.

How does one access the Gap?

Did you know that our brains actually perform worse and we make more mistakes when we try to multi-task?

Young businessman sitting in lotus pose and meditatingLearning to access the Gap involves training your mind to focus and quiet down the chatter so that you can think more clearly and efficiently. From a state of clear mind, you will harness your time more effectively and produce better results.

Accessing the Gap begins with quieting the mind, coming to stillness, centering in the heart, and sinking into at least a Theta brainwave rhythm or deeper.

This process can often take years of meditation training to master, but at Quantra Leadership Academy, we like to create tools that can help accelerate your progression to such mastery. That’s why QLA Founder, Dr. Theresa Bullard, has once again teamed up with  best-selling recording artist and an innovator in the field of brain-entrainment meditation music, J.S. Epperson, to create two new guided meditation albums that are designed to help you get into the Gap.

connecting-to-the-gap-250x250pxThe first album is called Connecting to the Gap. This is a short, 15-minute open-eyed guided meditation for connecting to the Gap in your environment, using your 5 senses. It leads you through a simple and efficient method for relaxing your mind and bringing you to a moment of stillness, anytime, anywhere, so that you can tap into a state of quantum awareness more easily throughout your day.



into-the-gap-250x250pxThe second album is called Into The Gap. This is a deeper 49-minute guided meditation for accessing a state of quantum awareness and training your entire being to feel what it is like to really get into the Gap. In it, you are led through a deep process for relaxing your body, quieting your mind and bringing you to a profound stillness where you can access an infinite source of pure potential and rewire your brain and body for accessing this state regularly.


Through these two albums, best used in combination for full benefits, each of the necessary steps to accessing the Gap are facilitated through a multi-sensory approach of:

  • Guided imagery
  • Embedded brainwave entrainment patterns
  • Soothing soundscape of special frequencies to aid your process
  • Kinesthetic feeling-based methods that help you to also rewire your brain for more optimal functioning.

At some point during the meditations you will find yourself in the Gap… in the Space Between… Once there you will experience pure being-ness…pure awareness.

When your mind is clear, and your body relieved of stress, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the rest of your daily flow. The more you use these methods, the more results you will experience.


What is the experience of getting into the Gap like?

19982242_xlWhen it comes to moving into the Stillness of the Gap, we come to a place where all sense of time and space disappear, moving beyond boundaries and limitations.

Connecting with the Gap requires a letting go of expectation. We cannot control the process, we can only open up to it and allow. A Quantum Conscious state is one that embraces uncertainty and willingly moves into the unknown of the Gap, or the Nothingness – in order to access All Possibilities.

It is when you become empty, that you then have full room to be filled anew, with vast potential energy and creative resource.

The experience of expanding and surrendering into the Gap is not a one-time experience of transcendence where you are forevermore ‘enlightened’.

Rather, the Gap is always here, now, right in front of you and within you.

Road Map Of The MindOnce the proper pathways have been set through the re-wiring process, which we do in these guided meditations, this experience of the Gap is one that can be accessed frequently, in the space between the moments, when we can bring ourselves to inward silence and stillness.

You can even be active outwardly to some degree and still access this space inwardly through bringing your Mind to be a Quiet Pond, and then tuning in to your Heart to the Present moment.

Even just a brief connection with the Gap taps you in to vast potential energy that then flows into your personal consciousness and then into your world as you return back to regular awareness.

There are great things that can be accomplished from doing so, because when we can learn to tap the Gap regularly throughout our day, with simple techniques, that is when we can begin to operate through our day from a Quantum Conscious state. And from that state, miracles can happen!


Click on the links below to learn more about these meditation albums and how to get copies

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Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Dr. Theresa Bullard, is the founder of QLA Consulting, co-founder of Mysterium Center in LA as well as the Universal Kabbalah Network, and is an International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. She combines a Physics Ph.D. with a lifelong path of exploring consciousness and ancient wisdom traditions. For more info about Theresa and her work go to


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