Hi! I’m Theresa Bullard, founder of QLA Consulting. After finishing my Ph. D. work in Physics, I dove fully in to the adventurous world of being an Entrepreneur, Transformational Leader, Author, & Change Agent.

Over the last 12+ years, through my work as a trainer, coach, and workshop leader of personal growth, I have helped develop people and leaders to rise to their next level of success and fulfillment in life. Having taught in many countries around the world, including in the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Japan, I have worked with thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and careers.

I am here to introduce to you some simple yet powerful keys to creative leadership, because these keys have helped me to be more effective and successful as a leader and in life. I take great pleasure in sharing this wisdom with you.

What I am going share with you right now, are the 3 Essential Keys to becoming what I call the Quantum Creative Leader. In addition, I am giving you the first of seven simple yet profound tools to cultivating the Creative Advantage. The Creative Advantage gives you a new ability to catapult your creativity AND make breakthroughs past barriers of success. By using these keys, you are better equipped to keep the creative process flowing all the way through to the desired final result, rather than getting stuck in the middle or falling short.

What I teach is a simple process for awakening creativity, expanding problem-solving capacities, transforming your mindset, and breaking through outworn ways of thinking…that is revolutionary.

With the pace of innovation today being faster than ever, there is a growing imperative for leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations to keep pace and maintain creative advantage.

We all know that creativity is at the foundation of innovation. It is also at the root of our ability to make breakthroughs when we are feeling stuck or bogged down in the process of bringing our visions and goals to full fruition. Because of this, Creativity is now widely recognized as a critical factor to success. It is essential for high performance, sustained advantage, and for identifying new and viable solutions to the problems we face. In order to gain and sustain the Creative Advantage, you must not only learn to tap in to new ideas, you must also be able to break past the barriers to creativity when you “hit a wall” or have “creative block.”

At QLA, we are dedicated to sharing breakthrough strategies with you, and to helping you become a more innovative, creative, and successful leader. Our Quantum Creative Leader training is designed to help you access breakthrough creativity to enhance and accomplish all your goals.

 What does it mean to be the Quantum Creative Leader?

Imagine if every time someone came to you with a problem, you’d be able to come up with new creative solutions that worked like a charm… Now, imagine the possibilities if you were able to draw from a vast well of innovative ideas that never ran dry… Imagine your accomplishments if you were not only tapping those ideas, but also leading the process of bringing them from the mental realm into tangible results, like the master conductor of a grand orchestra… Imagine yourself as that master conductor, and see how you harness the diverse talents of your people, coordinating them into a beautiful symphony of progress and breakthroughs… In so doing, you keep your team poised at the edge of innovation and peak performance, all while maintaining a sense of balance, purpose, and well-being in your life. YES, it is possible! This is what it means to be the Quantum Creative Leader.

There are 3 Essential Keys to becoming the Quantum Creative Leader. Now I want you to write this phrase down to help you remember the 3 keys:

 Cultivate-Quantum-Expansion

Cultivate – This first key means to actively cultivate the Creative Advantage – There are 7 areas for elevating your creative capacity and raising the bar to gain an advantage as a leader, and in a moment I’m going to share with you the first of these seven.
Quantum – This second key means to embrace the Quantum Mindset & to transform your approach from one of limitation to boundless possibility (there are 4 major principles to the Quantum Mindset, and this is something we train people to integrate in our Quantum Creative Leader Immersion program)


The third key is Expansion – which means to purposefully Expand Consciousness beyond the Box of limited perception, in order to make Breakthroughs in Creative Innovation and Problem Solving tasks. At Quantra Leadership Academy, we teach an easy yet powerful 7-step method called VISIONS that I am sharing in an upcoming webinar series on How to become the Quantum Creative Leader.

So, again, the 3 Keys are: Cultivate-Quantum-Expansion

Now let’s go back to the first key of Cultivating the Creative Advantage. There are seven essential strategies for how to do this, and I am going to give you the first one right now!

That strategy is to: Imagine

Innovation and Breakthroughs happen through “Leaps of Imagination”. But how can we take leaps if we haven’t even practiced stepping or running?

Often people think imagination is a “gift” that some people are just born with while others aren’t. The truth, though, is that everyone has the potential for a healthy imagination, and in fact, our survival and evolution depend on it.

The biggest difference between those “creative types,” who are imaginative, and those who are less so, is that the creatives regularly nurture their imagination.

Here are three practical steps to cultivating and harnessing your Imaginative Capacities: It starts with Imagination itself.

Imagination – the true meaning of this word is not what many people today associate it with. Its origin goes as far back as the Sanskrit word “maha”, which is related to the Greek word “mega” and to the Aryan root word “mag”, all of which refer to expanding to greatness, or magnifying. In particular, the original meaning of I-magi-nation in ancient traditions was a practice of enlarging consciousness, or bringing the mind to greatness. The practice involved using the faculties of the mind to visualize and manipulate images. It is from this practice that the later interpretations of the word imagination were derived. But the purpose of the practice is what is important to understand. By actively using our imaginative faculties, we can expand our consciousness, and bring our mind to greatness. From this expanded state, new ideas and creativity flourish.
Allowing the mind to daydream and fantasize, to make leaps in association, to let go of preconceived ideas, to play, and to create for the sake of creating, are all ways to nurture the imagination. By creating a daily practice of activating your imagination and letting it run free to explore without censorship for 30 minutes each day, you can encourage the development of your creative faculties.

The second step is to use Symbols – One of the best ways to activate your imagination during your daily creative practice is to give it abstract symbols and images to contemplate and work with. The great depth psychologist, C. G. Jung, proved that the language of the unconscious is based on symbols.
We can use symbols to represent concepts that go beyond the limits of our mental models, definitions, and immediate comprehensions. When you use purposeful and meaningful symbols, you are then able to guide the course of your imagination and give it a proper terrain to explore in.

Examples of such symbols include geometric patterns; forms representing the elements of earth, water, air, and fire; contemplative mandalas; and archetypal images that speak to the unconscious mind.

Once your imagination has been activated and nurtured, then there are ways to harness it and use it for creative advantage. Learning how to do that is something we guide you through in our Quantum Creative Leader training.

The third practical step to cultivating your Imaginative Capacities is to be Playful

Playfulness – Who said being the leader means you have to just be controlled or responsible? Approaching leadership with that kind of mindset is a sure formula for burn-out and rigidity. Creative Leadership requires Joy! And as the leader, when you experience Joy, you also bring Joy to those you lead, because the nature of Joy is to share and spread the good mood. So, Allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the creative process for its own sake.
Give yourself permission to be open and sensitive to your environment, much like a child who is inspired by a sense of awe at the simple things, where anything around them can become a source of fascination and play time. Try seeing things with new eyes and fresh perspective. Go outside the boundaries and even re-write the rules of your prior programming. Perhaps you might add a little color or sparkle to your creative project. Perhaps you might get wild and imagine yourself as a hero on a great adventure or a treasure hunt of discovery.

Whatever playfulness is for you, just give yourself permission, for at least your 30 minutes of creative practice each day, to not worry about what others think. This is your time to let your inner child and your imagination run free. And as a way of gauging whether you are tapping into the right playful vibe during your creative time, is if it makes you giggle 😉 or laugh out loud.

Now, you are empowered with an action step that you can take right away and see the benefits within just a short period of time.

To further assist you, as a FREE bonus, I am gifting you a guided audio tool that leads you in implementing this strategy to support the activation and harnessing of your imaginative capacity. Using this simple tool takes just 8 min a day, and yet your results are apparent in short order.

Because the doors to greater creative flow and problem-solving capacity do open up by using this strategy, I invite you to work regularly with this 8-min imaginative exercise each day, for the next 7 days. Watch attentively and Experience the benefits.

To get your FREE copy of this guided audio tool bonus…Click below and start using it today.”

 Keep in mind that this Imaginative practice is just one step in Cultivating the Creative Advantage and beginning your journey to being the Quantum Creative Leader. We have a lot more powerful tips and practices to share with you.

Take your next step with us on the journey to being the Quantum Creative Leader, because you deserve it.