Creative Transformation: Alchemy & The Four Elements



By Dr. Theresa Bullard


Deepak Chopra says, “The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.”


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How many of us suffer because we are not able to access our full potential? How many struggle at work to create or to complete projects?  How may of us feel this tension in our lives?


Alchemy reveals to us a different way.  It shows us how to harness this tension and use it towards our advantage.


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In last week’s blog, we looked at alchemy and polarity. For the next two weeks,  we will explore alchemy and the 4 elements and how they can be used to harness transformation and access breakthrough creativity.


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In alchemy, the 4 elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire are used as symbols to represent aspects of ourselves, as well as stages of transformation.


These 4 elements can be used to help us to access different states of our consciousness and also to drive the transformational process.




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Fire represents the creative spark.  It is our passion and desire.  Fire stimulates original ideas and breakthroughs. The element of Fire is the most active part of our imagination and consciousness.


We can use the symbol of fire anytime we want to access creativity, originality, and excitement. We can also use it to break through an old form that has become too rigid or is blocking us from progression, because fire is the most dynamic element that can burn away the densest forms. Fire usually is invoked to initiate or catalyze a new transformational cycle in Alchemy.




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Air symbolizes and gives access to thought patterns of the mind.  Like the thoughts in our mind, air is constantly moving, expanding, and reaching out.  The symbol of air thus invokes reason and logic, yet in an expansive way rather than a limiting way.


Since air is constantly moving it symbolizes allowing our thoughts to flow more freely, like a jet-stream of thought that is moving in the directions we send it in. When we can really harness the element of Air, we can clear away the clouds so to speak and bring more clarity to the mind.


In Alchemy, air is used to help us use discernment and get clear about what is what – what to separate out or discard, and what to keep. It is also used to help us raise our awareness to higher levels of consciousness and subtlety.






Water symbolizes our emotional energy and our creative intuition.  Water is about our ability to flow and be flexible and keep the stream of creativity flowing all the way through to its destination.  Water will also take on the shape of whatever container you put it in, so it is malleable and encourages us to be adaptable.


In Alchemy, water is used for purification and cleansing or dissolving away any impurities or imbalances in a system. Water also has a great capacity for memory, something that has been scientifically verified, thus it serves as a great medium for storing or containing information and energy, in order to help it integrate into a more tangible and physical level.




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Earth symbolizes solidity and is therefore about grounding higher energies and ideas into physical form. Earth brings things into the tangible, practical world where we can put them into application and action.


Taking action is ultimately what produces results. We can think and be creative all day long, but without action, nothing happens. These steps of getting grounded and practical are what the element of Earth helps us to access. When it comes to earth and bringing things to a physical level, we must also engage the body and its system of feelings through the five senses in order to make it more real and tangible, so that we will have a sense of what it will feel like once the transformation is complete. Earth is therefore where we get more measurable, tangible, and specific in our creative process.


So now that we understand the symbology of each element,  how can we then use the 4 elements  to harness transformation and access breakthrough creativity. Stay tuned next week for part two of our blog.


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