How Meditation Helps Your Brain & Your Life

- How Meditation Helps Your Brain & Your Life Beyond the commonly reported benefits of reducing stress levels and bringing a subjective experience of inner peace, meditation also creates a very real physiological and neurological shift in your body. These changes have been shown to start within just 1 week of starting a regular meditation practice […]

The 2 Types of Meditation: Passive and Active Meditation

- The 2 Types of Meditation: Passive and Active Meditation Most of the trendy meditation techniques out there today focus on one or the other of the two primary types of meditation. Rarely, though, do I see them combine both for maximum benefit that can be gained from each type. The two forms of meditation I […]

3 Steps to Get the Most out of Meditation for Leaders

- Meditation For Leaders – How to get the most out of meditation There are many meditative techniques available today that can be used to reduce stress, minimize distractions, and cultivate deeper awareness. Techniques such as Mindfulness, TM (transcendental meditation), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnotherapy, and a variety of guided imageries are all popular today. Yet many […]

Empower Thyself Initiation For Leaders

- Many people wait for permission to be their greatest selves. What if all they were waiting for was the inner-initiation and knowledge of how to access higher wisdom? The Empower Thyself Initiation is a course that reveals deeper knowledge and tools of personal empowerment, while also initiating a person into a greater connection to their […]

5 Top Approaches Transformational Leaders use to Engage & Empower a Team

- If you’re a Transformational Leader, then you’re someone that thrives off of empowering others to collaborating in creating a  positive impact with a unified vision. Understanding how to operate with our teams to empower and motivate them is an essential element of being a Transformational Leader. In Part 1 of this article we characterized a […]

5 Top Inner Qualities of Transformational Leaders

- Do you feel a calling to manifest a greater vision for yourself, your community, your organization, and/or the world? If so, then you are the stuff that transformational leaders are made of. What Is A Transformational Leader? A Transformational Leader is someone who wants to evolve to their greatest self, help others do the same, […]

Life Activation

- Great leaders have a sense of self-actualization and the energy to inspire others into leadership. A highly effective leader is creative, intuitive, inspirational, portrays confidence, has positive energy, and is clear in their intentions. Yet, however good they may be, every leader still has room for more growth. In order to stay ahead of changing […]

Get Into The Gap

- Get Into The Gap Remember in the movie The Matrix, when Neo makes the shift from seeing solid “real” things that impose limitations like people, walls, buildings, bullets, etc … to suddenly being able to see all of it as just a string of binary code of 1’s (in green light) and 0’s (in black)? […]

Join Us @ the Superconscious Mind Congress in Puebla, Mexico

- Dr. Theresa Bullard is happy to be participating as one of the featured speakers at the Superconscious Mind Congress happening the weekend of April 22-23, 2016 in Puebla, Mexico. This event is promised to be the most transcendent event of collective reprogramming in Mexico and Latin America! And it has a great line-up of scientists, […]

How Alice in Wonderland Can Teach Us to Develop a Quantum Mindset & the New Paradigm

- by Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.   When Alice first meets the Queen in Wonderland, she is instructed to believe something impossible. Alice laughs, and says, “There’s no use trying. One can’t believe impossible things.” To which the Queen responds: “I daresay you haven’t had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for […]