Are You Ready for Your Next Step? Think Quantum



By Dr. Theresa Bullard

Are you ready to take the quantum leap?



Here at last, as promised, is the crux of what it means to Think Quantum.

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In essence, making the leap into the Quantum Mindset shifts us from a paradigm of limitation to one of boundless possibility.


Abstract speed motion in urban highway road tunnel


By thinking quantum, you can move from operating at jet speed to processing at light speed.


Brain Waves

You can shift from being bound by a mechanical, linear, logical, rational, and analytical way of thinking into a non-linear, multi-dimensional way of thinking that is tuned-in to “the field.”


Abstract Wave Analyzer


You can perceive beyond static structures, where everything appears to be based on form and material, to instead becoming aware of the all-pervasive fields of energy and vibration or “vibratory energy.”


Brain Cells and Deep Space elements of this image furnished by N

You can discover how to step outside the timeline of past-present-future, and step into the ever present, Here and Now.


If you are ready to move beyond the box of two- and three-dimensional thinking, into thinking fractally and holographically, then come take the leap with us into the quantum domain.  Interestingly, human creativity works remarkably similar to that of quantum processes.


Molecular Thoughts


Quantum thinking takes creative thinking several steps further into really being able to consciously tap in to the source where all creativity originates.


When you are coming from quantum thinking then you are in a space of awareness that transcends and precedes labels, structures, and familiar patterns of thought.

By first accessing a state of higher consciousness, we can then tap into the Quantum View of reality and become aware of the many possibilities available for making a breakthrough or a “Quantum Leap” in our creative thinking.



This Quantum mindset gives you access to a thought process that is creative, insightful, intuitive, and able to make breakthroughs or leaps.

With quantum thinking you can more easily challenge assumptions, create new categories, change structures, transform thought patterns, and leap out of old habits.  The Quantum Mindset is one that is based upon the principles of Quantum Physics.


Brillant Idea


Quantum Physics has shown to be the most successful physics theory that we have ever had.


All attempts to disprove quantum theory have failed, while all attempts to verify it have succeeded. It may not be the final answer at the foundation of our existence, but it is hands down the best we have to-date. Much of our newer technologies today, such as cell phones, fast laptops and tablets, lasers, etc. are based on quantum technology.



Quantum principles underlie everything in our Universe. We live in a Quantum Universe, from the smallest particles to the largest structures of inter-galactic space.

In our next article we will take a look at the essential concepts that are being revealed to us by the new sciences and how they compare to the old, classical view of things.



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