An Exercise for Creating Positive Change in Your Life or Organization




By Dr. Theresa Bullard


The alchemists of old were masters at harnessing the power of consciousness to perform amazing transformations and innovations in the physical world.




Through observing Nature, as well as their own transformational journeys and cycles, alchemists throughout time came to realize that there are seven stages to the process of complete transformation.


Over the course of the last several weeks we’ve begin to explore the metaphors of “lead” and “gold”, often alluded to in alchemy, as well as, Calcination, the first of seven stages of transformation.  The concept of lead relates to an imbalanced or imperfect state. This could be anything from our thoughts, our physical health, to an organization. Gold, is a state of refined perfection and wholeness.


Transforming “lead into gold” is the process of moving from the imperfect or imbalanced into a greater state of wholeness and integrity.


Last week we discussed ways to move through the fire, so to speak, in the stage known as Calcination.  This week, I wanted to share with you a simple yet powerful exercise that you can use right now for creating positive change in your life or organization.


Creating Positive Change in Your Life or Organization


Magnifying glass in hand isolated on white background

-Begin with identifying your “lead” and your “gold” in whatever current situation you are contemplating. The “gold” is where you ideally see yourself getting to. The “lead” is anything that is getting in the way of that right now.


Hand Writing

-Write it all down on one piece of paper, with the “gold” at the center, and all the “lead” around it.


Flame Background

-Now that you see it, draw a big upright triangle around it, then imagine it being lit on fire. Visualize each word describing the “lead” being burned away by the fire.


Burning Paper In A Glass Ashtray

-Once you have done this for a few minutes and gotten through the visualization of seeing all the words being burned, next go and literally burn the paper to ash.


*I recommend using a fire proof bowl or pot (such as ceramic, pyrex, or stainless steel) to contain the fire. Make sure you burn all the paper to ash and watch the fire as it burns. This will take a while, but it is a very good meditative experience.


Two hands creating an energy sphere. Digital illustration.

-After the burning, you will feel a certain energy has been released, and the situation feels lighter. Now harness this energy by working to come up with a creative plan of action steps you can take to make a breakthrough.

*We recommend using our Creative Alchemy guided meditation album to do this more powerfully.



-Once you have your plan, schedule times to when you are going to do it. Then, take action!


Stay tuned! In our next blog, we will move into the second stage of the Alchemical Process of Transformation known as Dissolution.


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