Welcome to this Quantra Leadership Academy webinar on

the 7 Keys to Cultivating the Creative Advantage

with Dr. Theresa Bullard


Script for The 7 Keys To Cultivating the Quantum Creative Advantage

To begin we are going to take a look at an Allegory from Alice in Wonderland

When Alice meets the Queen in Wonderland, she is instructed to believe something impossible. Alice laughed, and said, “There’s no use trying. One can’t believe impossible things.” The Queen responds: “I daresay you haven’t had much practice, When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day, Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”  

This statement by the Queen is a great example of the kind of breakthrough creative thinking that becomes possible when you are tapped in to a Quantum Mindset   It does take PRACTICE, but when you spend just “half an hour a day” (like the Queen), then the impossible becomes not only possible, it becomes Probable.   And that is the strange and wonderful truth of tapping in to the Quantum domain

Hi I am Dr. Theresa Bullard, Founder and CEO of QUANTRA LEADERSHIP ACADEMY, which is dedicated to pioneering the integration of science, consciousness, and transformative technologies for personal and organizational breakthroughs.   For those who are new to me, I have a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Washington, where I conducted interdisciplinary research in quantum physics, nanotechnology, chemistry, and materials science. In addition, I have a life-long path of exploring the human potential, accessing expanded consciousness, and utilizing practical methods for making breakthroughs and harnessing more of our potential.

For over 12 years I have been traveling internationally, speaking, facilitating and consulting with hundreds of people from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs and business leaders, in the human side of the change-process.   I love helping people to transform their lives and achieve sustainable results. Those results rest upon a core shift in conscious awareness.   And, what I am most passionate about is working with and developing transformational leaders who themselves are change-agents…   People who can skillfully harness the personal, creative, and strategic dimensions of the change process.   Because this is so needed In today’s complex and rapidly changing world, it is the mission of myself and Quantra Leadership Academy to bring these skills to more people.   Right now, I am delighted to share with you some essential keys and strategies for taking your creative capacity as a leader to the next level.

This webinar covers:

• What it means to be the Quantum Creative Leader

• Seven simple yet profound tips for making breakthroughs in your creative process more regularly

• How to blow the roof off of blocks to your flow

• How to you can make quantum leaps in expanding your creative capacity

• simple and effective techniques for dissolving personal blocks and releasing stress

Bill Gates was quoted in the Dec 2013 issue of Wired Magazine, saying that “The pace of innovation today is faster than ever”   With an endless array of innovations: from smartphones and supercomputers, to 3D printing and nanotechnologies, gene therapy and on and on.   Things are moving faster than ever,   But with all this innovation has also come growing pains, increased pressure, and stress. For example: Many are talking about the growing imperative for organizations and leaders to innovate or become obsolete   This combination of pressure and rapid pace are leading to a number of stressors that are beyond anything we’ve experienced in the past.

Can you relate to any of the following? Who here has experienced

• Feeling like you are constantly in a time crunch, and challenged to effectively manage time, energy, and money

• Chronic stress and burn-out, with pressure to sacrifice personal well-being at some level, in order to meet the demands of the outer world

• That stress leading to any number of other issues including irritability, depression, health issues, physical tension and aging, cognitive decline, and more

• And what about Being so focused on performing and producing that it becomes easy to loose sight of whether you are fulfilled by the work or making a meaningful contribution

Sound Familiar?

So, how do we, as leaders, keep pace and gain advantage, while still maintaining a sense of balance, fulfillment, healthy relationships, and meaning in our work?     Clearly, being a leader in today’s complex and evolving global environment is a major challenge that many of us face.   While you might think that traditional strategies like better time management and stripping down the amount of things you are doing to just the essentials might be the solution

I’m here to tell you that it is time to go way outside the box of the old approaches to things. The pace of life isn’t going to slow down or simplify, and those old linear approaches alone will not cut it anymore. It is time for a quantum leap in our way of doing things, and it is time to embrace a non-linear, emergent, and multi-dimensional approach that is better suited for today’s complexity   The first key that is vital to meeting that challenge, is Creativity.

Whatever your area of leadership may be, if your work touches society or the lives of people,   it is time to develop new strategies for enhancing your creativity.   Einstein – one of the most creative, innovative minds of the last century, who was certainly a leader in the scientific quantum revolution, Said this about what we need to solve the problems we face:

• “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels,

• “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. 

As leaders, we must learn practical techniques for continually tapping in to new ideas, solutions, and innovations that will keep us flourishing and evolving.   A key solution, we at Quantra Leadership Academy see, is to move leaders out of the box of old ways of thinking.   and to train you to master the arts and sciences of transformation and of accessing breakthrough creativity.   QLA applies the Science and Consciousness of cultivating a Quantum Mindset   By Cultivating a Quantum Mindset it opens you up to a much more adaptable way of being, and taps you into the quantum sea of potential, where you can believe “as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast”. From this place, you are then empowered to start harnessing the forces of change and consciously participate in directing their course.   How to get there is what Quantra Leadership Academy is all about training you to do.

We can all agree that Creativity is at the foundation of innovation, and it is now recognized as a key factor to success.   It is essential for high performance, sustained advantage, and for identifying new solutions to the problems we face.   In order to sustain the Creative Advantage, you must not only learn to tap in to new ideas, you want to also be able to break past the barriers to creativity when you “hit a wall” or have “creative block.”

What I am going to share with you right now are seven simple yet profound keys for how to Quantum Leap your creative capacities and take the next big jump in being a Quantum Creative Leader

Key 1 – To Imagine   Many of you have likely seen by now in the 12 minute video available through our website that goes into a deeper discussion of this first key of actively using your Imagination   This first key is critical to harnessing your consciousness and breaking through blocks to the creative flow.   For example, many leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators already have plenty of ideas flowing about what they could do, however, the challenge is in bringing those ideas all the way to full fruition. Being able to imagine new approaches to solving problems, breaking through obstacles, and planning the steps to take that will deliver optimal results, is essential to not getting stuck and to keeping the creative process flowing through, until results are delivered.   In the 12 minute video, there are three strategies given for harnessing the power of our ability to Imagine and go beyond the box. I encourage you to go rewatch that video, especially the second half of it, to review those 3 keys.   There is also a bonus audio track that you can get access to to help you start working with these keys right away.   (here is the link where you can go and access that to get the full details on this first key: http://qlaconsulting.com/free-12-min-video-3 )

Key 2 – To Re-Wire   This second key is critical to changing our habits, which either work for or against us.   Right now, I’d like you to identify some habit you have in life that gets in your way or has sabotaged your success in the past. Write that down on a piece of paper. We are going to use this for an exercise here shortly.   When we rewire, that is when the shifts we make become sustainable, rather than short-lived. Training the mind and rewiring the brain to be able to access more creativity is an essential step we take that amps up our performance and innovative abilities.

Fortunately, due to the brain’s “neuroplasticity”, we are able to remold the brain throughout our lifetimes.   Creativity requires multiple brain regions, including both hemispheres of the cortex, as well as deeper brain structures, to function at its optimal potential.   The ideal is to be whole-brained and to have healthy interconnectivity and communication happening between the various brain regions.   In order to rewire, we must stimulate the brain with novel patterns, experiences, and concepts. When you commit to seeing things with fresh eyes or engaging in new activities each day, even when they are small things, this supports healthy neural activity and new connections.

Another key is repetition.   Neurons wire more strongly according to repeated patterns. When it gets to the point where you no longer have to think about each step, or apply much will power to undertake a task, and instead things just flow, that is when you know you have successfully wired in the new pattern.   You might wonder how long it takes to successfully re-wire and anchor in a new, supportive behavior or skill?

This depends on two key factors:

• Motivation.

• The level of complexity or simplicity of the new behavior

When equipped with the right tools and a clear pattern of what to do, this rewiring of the brain can and will happen with optimal efficiency and accelerated learning. Through our QuantumLeap™ Immersion Workshops, you will learn how to accelerate this rewiring process, by immersing yourself into our proprietary hands-on processes that give you an energetic experience that is unlike anything else offered in the training industry.

Finally, it is important to balance out activity and novelty with sufficient rest and downtime. Most creative breakthroughs happen not while in intense concentration, but rather during downtimes, when we allow the mind to wander or rest.   By cultivating a lifestyle that balances activity with rest time, you will be well on your way to thriving in life and feeling like you have plenty of energy and creative juice for the tasks at hand, rather than feeling stressed or overwhelmed.   This step is where the practice of meditation or even some simple controlled breathing and closing your eyes, can really pay off to accelerate your rewiring process. Not only does it reduce stress, it helps put your brain into a deeper brain wave state that then gives it a chance to re-wire.   Just 20 min a day can do wonders for you. Even if you were to just take 5 minute breathers a couple times through your workday, this too would lead to greater reduction of stress and enhanced creative flow

Now, just as a quick rewiring exercise, I’d like you to draw an upright triangle around the word you wrote down earlier about the habit you’d like to change or dissolve.   Once you’ve drawn that triangle around it, now imagine fire filling and consuming the triangle.   As the triangle lights on fire, it burns away the word inside, and creates a disconnect in your neural associations with that old pattern, giving you opportunity to now rewire.   This is a simple exercise for activating change and dissolving personal blocks. Use it as often as you experience any personal block arising. The sooner you catch yourself getting blocked, and use this simple technique, the more chance you have of disrupting the old wiring.

Key 3 – Allow – While the rewiring process does take consistent effort, it is also important to realize that you don’t have to strain or wrack your brain for that next creative idea or innovation.   Rather than stressing to pull out an idea from your head, you can simply choose to loosen up and allow it to come through you.   Allowing creativity to flow involves putting oneself in a position of being quietly receptive – not forcing anything, but rather allowing it to happen; it is more a process of surrendering. A relaxed mind is critical to being creative.

Here’s the magic combination to accessing the creative centers of the brain: Close the eyes and relax the body, especially in a way that feels good, such as through a nice warm shower, a 20-minute nap, a mellow yoga session, or a meditation. It is when you loosen up your attention, redirecting it from the outer to the inner, that you are best able to hear the quiet thoughts in the back of your mind revealing an insight.

Research has shown that brain activity begins to change within just a few days of learning to meditate, decreasing stress and improving your mood.  Known benefits of meditation also include: increased focused attention, improved memory, reduction of anxiety and stress, enhanced creativity and problem solving abilities, greater connectivity and whole-brain wiring, improvement of relationships by connecting to greater empathy and compassion, greater sense of optimism and trust, and anti-aging benefits for greater health, well-being, and cognitive functioning.   When it comes to accessing creative ideas, though, one must go beyond Mindfulness (focused-attention) meditation techniques. Instead, we encourage and train people to access this through Quantum Consciousness Meditation.   We want to become Fluent at accessing the Quantum Sea of Potential for accessing new ideas and insights.

Key 4 is to Interact – A creative leader is open to the ideas of others and encourages interaction amongst those they lead.   Pain Point this Addresses: Often when we hit a wall, it is because we are not seeing past our own blind-spots or limited perspective. If you just had someone to bounce ideas off of, who could also understand where you are coming from, then the interaction of two parts that becomes greater than either can achieve individually, will help boost your work to a new level.   Interaction and interconnectivity is a key theme in the Quantum domain. Nothing is truly isolated, but rather entangled with others.   Emergence of truly new ideas and approaches comes when we allow for interaction and open exchange of information with other parts, people, forums, teams, etc. When you allow and interact, then you make room for synergy to play a part, making the final result greater than what you could have imagined or accomplished alone.   You don’t have to know what the exact outcome will be before you start taking action. Let go of having to control all the variables and learn to be more flexible and adaptable.   When you do, you will feel a huge weight lift off your shoulders, reducing stress, and allowing you to tap more into the flow around you.   Be bolstered and stimulated by the ideas of others and allow for something new to emerge.

Key 5 is about Space – both physical environment, as well as time and mental space to get into a creative flow.   This concept is fundamental to the Quantum Paradigm. The key is to focus on the SPACE between events or thoughts or expressions, rather than the expressions themselves. Similarly, we could look to the Space Between the particles as more fundamental than the particles themselves.  


This Starts with Focus time – eliminate distractions so you can harnessing time most efficiently – our brains actually perform worse and we make more mistakes when we try to multi-task. So the key is to focus on one thing at a time for a period of time (20 min blocks is optimal), before you switch to another task. One thing that will help keep you focused, especially these days, is to unplug from the internet when you are devoting focus time to your creative work or problem solving tasks.

2nd is Physical Order – The general rule of thumb here is: As the outer, so the inner. As the inner so the outer. Your personal physical environment is a good reflection of your inner mental environment. If you want to clean up all the distraction and disorganization that interfere with bringing your ideas all the way through to completion, then put some effort into organizing your physical space and bringing greater order to your life.   Feng-sui – just try it, it works!

Key 6 is to operate at the Edge – Operating at the edge means being outside the comfort zone of routine, outside the box of patterned ways of thinking and doing. Our “comfort zone” is the zone in which we feel most familiar and that we can “control” to some level   Creativity happens when we allow for Unconventional or Original approaches and ideas.   Magic and Breakthroughs happen outside the comfort zone à out of box, unconventional, Mix of rebelliousness with discernment and tradition.   Operating at the Edge is an Attitude that includes:   Enthusiasm and Passion – this usually comes from having a strong vision that motivates and is something you want to dedicate yourself to.   Courage – Being willing to take Leaps and make risks, while staying Focused, Persistent, Disciplined, and Hard Working in order to carry the creative work through to its completion, and having to courage not to give up. The important part is “Never giving up on your dreams”   Operating at The Edge is also about learning to conduct your life at the point of transition between the world of practical things (classical reality) and the realm of extraordinary possibilities (quantum reality).

Key 7 is embracing Uncertainty – This is a Key Quantum Physics Principle  – Uncertainties are unavoidable and it is futile to try and control all variables. (And remember that outside the comfort zone of control is where all the magic happens). In Fact, The more accurately you observe any property of a quantum object, the more uncertain you will be about a complimentary quantity. (Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle)

This principle requires we adapt an attitude of accepting, even enjoying, and allowing it to be ok for there to be unknowns,   rather than stressing over things that are beyond our control,   It is in the Uncertainties of Life that provide room for us to   1.Have Opportunity for Choice and Exercising Free Will à Uncertainty opens us up to the sea of possibility, multiple options 2.Deepen our Trust in the Journey   This is essential for our shift in consciousness

Quantum Creative Leaders follow this simple seven-step formula, I-RAISE-U, to elevate their game to a new level and make quantum leaps in innovation. While the “I” stands for imagination, it also stands for the essential you being referred to any time you use the word “I”. It is your consciousness and will, the source of your imagination and creative abilities. To “RAISE” is to elevate, expand, and even up the ante on our game. And the “U”, in addition to it being about the principle of uncertainty, also stands for the Universe.  The extra bonuses that come along with this are that, as your creativity and performance raise up, so too will your financial reward, your success as a leader, and you all-around enjoyment of what you do!

So what does “Quantum” have to do with all this? Here is the key to the new paradigm of tapping into a vast creative well of ideas and insights. And this will be more fully covered in the 3-part webinar series we have coming up.

Qualities of Quantum Creative Leaders include:

• Creating an approach that fosters change and allows new ideas to flourish.

• Cultivation of a quantum mindset for tapping into truly breakthrough solutions

• Knowing how to activate brain function for super learning, increased attention, breakthrough creativity, and heightened intuition.

• Activating higher levels of consciousness for new ideas and problem solving

• Awakening a deeper sense of purpose and meaning as a leader

There are 3 Essential Keys to being the Quantum Creative Leader. Now I want you to write this phrase down and put it somewhere you can see it every day to help you remember the 3 keys: Cultivate-Quantum-Expansion

Cultivate – This first key means to actively cultivate the Creative Advantage – We’ve just covered the 7 key areas for elevating your creative capacity, And raising the bar to gain an advantage as a leader. There is more to all of this, including practical strategies for each of these 7 keys that we go deeper into in our Quantum Creative Leader Training.

Quantum – This second key means to embrace the Quantum Mindset & to transform your approach from one of limitation to boundless possibility… There are 4 major principles to the Quantum Mindset, some of which I will be covering in the 3—part webinar series on how to be the Quantum Creative Leader. And again we train people to integrate these principles more deeply in our Quantum Creative Leader Training programs.

The third key is Expansion – which means to purposefully Expand Consciousness beyond the box of limited perception, in order to make Breakthroughs in Creative Innovation and Problem Solving tasks. At Quantra Leadership Academy, we teach an easy yet powerful 7-step method called the Quantum Transformation Formula that you can also get access to through our site.

QLA applies the Science and Consciousness of cultivating a Quantum Mindset.   It was birthed to assist leaders in finding the solutions to the complex problems we face today.  

We Offer:

* educational tools online 

* on-site leadership training 

* live immersion seminars 

* one-on-one coaching


We believe that when the leaders of our society and businesses can become more self-transforming and conscious leaders, then we will have the power to harness the creative changes we are now immersed in and help steer its course.

Introducing QLA’s  7-Step Quantum Transformation Formula, a revolutionary approach to brainstorming, accessing creativity,  problem solving and breaking through barriers.   Through our Online Course You will Discover

•How to Breakthrough & Access a Quantum Sea of Potential

•How to Bring Creative Ideas into the Functional Flow of the Mind

•How to use Tools to Stimulate the Brain and Support the Quantum Transformation Formula

•Learn to Breakthrough & Access a Quantum Sea of Potential

•Develop a Clear Vision and Goals

•Use the Core Principles of Alchemy to make Breakthroughs and Harness Creativity

•Access Quantum Consciousness to Reach Beyond the Box with Clarity

•Utilize Ancient and Modern Techniques and Technologies for Transforming Consciousness

•Quiet and Focus Your Mind Through Meditation

Bring Creative Ideas into the Functional Flow of the Mind

•Ignite the Fires for Creative Spark and Breakthrough Blocks

•Learn how to Harness the Quantum principle known as the “Observer Effect”

•Develop a Plan of Action to Manifest your Vision

•Engage your senses and entire self to connect fully with the joy of success and how you want your results to look, sound, and feel

•Awaken your Motivation to step into action and fully realize your Vision    

•Use Tools to Stimulate the Brain & Support the Quantum Transformation Formula

•The Art & Science of Entrainment •Techniques for Achieving Whole-Brain Coherent States

•The Power of Specific Musical Frequencies to Lift you to Higher, More Creative States, Awaken Intuition and Overcome Fears and Doubts

•Specially designed tools to help you achieve peak performance