5 Top Inner Qualities of Transformational Leaders



Do you feel a calling to manifest a greater vision for yourself, your community, your organization, and/or the world? If so, then you are the stuff that transformational leaders are made of.

What Is A Transformational Leader?

A Transformational Leader is someone who wants to evolve to their greatest self, help others do the same, and together create a positive impact in the world. Transformational leaders are driven first and foremost by a deep inner calling to fulfill a unique purpose. They are people who are dedicated to their own ongoing transformation, while also serving as leaders or examples to others. A transformational leader works hard to fulfill a MISSION, rather than seeing their work as just a “job” or a “career”. They further use their passion for the mission to inspire others to participate with them in its fulfillment.  They further act as a catalyst for transformation and empowerment in those that they lead, such that it creates a positive ripple effect beyond those they directly connect with.

Studies show that Transformational leaders are more valued and create more empowered teams than traditional leaders. Today’s world is rapidly changing, and old models of leadership are no longer sufficient to maintain an actively engaged and happy team. People who employ older traditional leadership styles are more often finding that their participants are disengaged. This creates disloyal and less productive teams, resulting in more frequent turn-over rates and less workplace stability. Traditional leaders who create rigid guidelines of control leave their teams uninspired and limited in their creative capacity. Mediocre leaders fall short because they fail to infuse a sense of purpose and clarity of goals, opting instead to just delegate tasks and give instructions.

By being a Transformational Leader you can inspire your team into a deeper sense of commitment and enthusiasm towards the greater purpose and the work it takes to accomplish it. In order to be a true Transformational Leader, you must bring more conscious efforts into all your activities, both in your personal inner life as well as your outer professional life. In this article I share with you the 5 Top Inner Qualities Transformational Leaders! In Part 1 of this article series I will address the qualities a Transformational Leader must embody and live. In Part 2 of the article series I will further cover the 5 Top Approaches Transformational Leaders should use to engage, motivate, and empower their team.

5 Top Inner Qualities of Transformational Leaders:

1. Purpose & Clarity Of Vision:

A Transformational Leader has a clear and inspiring vision for the future, a sense of purpose that drives them from deep within. In order to inspire others, it requires us to feel confidence, certainty, and devotion to the vision. Being able to effectively communicate and articulate the vision is imperative in enrolling others to join efforts. So is demonstrating our own alignment with that vision, 100%. A Transformational Leader is someone with an ability to inspire others through their integrity. They foster an attitude that encourages their team to challenge themselves and think creatively in their roles. They do this by reminding their people of the purpose and creating a clear vision for the future. Transformational Leaders are gifted at creating a vision for the future and leading others to co-create it into reality.

2. Passion For Making A Positive Impact:

Transformational Leaders create a true impact in the given areas they are seeking to change. The passion, clarity, and confidence a Transformational Leader has stirs the emotions of those they lead. When you feel a calling to create a positive change to a system in the world you can either join another team or organize a movement. A true Transformational Leader thinks beyond themselves and is motivated to create a better life for those around them. They feel a calling to do something great in the world and they have the courage to implement a strategy to bring their purpose into reality. Regardless of what industry or organization they are focused on, their intention seeks to benefit others.

3. Self-Mastery To Overcome Negative Ego & Get Out Of Your Own Way:

Transformational Leaders are positive, authentic, lead through caring, and don’t work just to feel powerful. The ego thrives off a feeling of separation, for a leader this may exemplify itself as having arrogant or selfish agendas in their goals. Someone operating from their negative ego is manipulative and is not trusted because others feel their intentions. When a Transformational Leader has dissolved or transcended their lower level consciousness they can create more synergy within a team, striving towards accomplishing something greater than any one individual. In addition, the higher the level of consciousness one achieves, the more it influences others to come from a higher place as well.  

4. Be In Touch with Your Heart: Know that the answers are always found within (not outside)

When we make decisions from our heart, we are leading our life from the inside-out. When we make decisions from our mind we are leading our life from the outside-in. Which way would you rather live your life? Creating it from the inside-out? or reacting to it from the outside-in? Transformational Leaders listen to their heart, and then harness their mind to bring about the heart’s desire. Being in touch with our heart is shifting away from thinking and into feeling. Simply put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, take several deep breaths, quiet the mind, then tune in and ask “what does my heart say?” or “what feels best to my heart?” Then honor that answer that emerges from within.

5. Power & Presence Through A Solid Sense of Self-Worth:

By feeling a sense of self-worth and constantly working on ourselves Transformational Leaders are able to see past our own weaknesses and flaws. When we feels worthy, we take action with confidence and are able to value the efforts we and others put into achieving our goals. Having a solid sense of self-worth is the primary quality that most empowers us to emanate a strong field of presence and authentic power. When a leader doesn’t have a good sense of self-worth they will inevitably project it onto other people they work with and feel like things are never “enough”, regardless of their efforts. A person who lacks self-worth often tends to sabotage themselves and others from achieving their goals. Thus, Transformational Leaders works on embodying our best versions of ourselves, constantly strengthening our sense of self-worth and consistently taking action towards fulfilling our mission.

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Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Dr. Theresa Bullard, is the founder of QLA Consulting, co-founder of Mysterium Center in LA as well as the Universal Kabbalah Network, and is an International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. She combines a Physics Ph.D. with a lifelong path of exploring consciousness and ancient wisdom traditions. For more info about Theresa and her work go to TheresaBullard.com


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