5 Top Approaches Transformational Leaders use to Engage & Empower a Team



If you’re a Transformational Leader, then you’re someone that thrives off of empowering others to collaborating in creating a  positive impact with a unified vision. Understanding how to operate with our teams to empower and motivate them is an essential element of being a Transformational Leader.

In Part 1 of this article we characterized a Transformational Leader as someone who wants to evolve to their greatest self, help others do the same, and together create a positive impact in the world. As Transformational Leaders we are devoted to consistently improving ourselves and being an example to our teams. Transformational Leaders feel motivated to fulfill a MISSION and are not satisfied by working just to have a “job.” We have a responsibility to those around us to fully step into fulfilling the greater mission of our vision. When we fully our empowered in our role as a Transformational Leader it empowers others and helps them progress in life while working together to fulfill a common purpose.

It is important to know the internal characteristics to be a Transformational Leader. It is also important to know how to function powerfully in the external world with the teams or people we lead. A Transformational Leader must be in integrity both within and in the ways we interact with our teams. The thing that sets Transformational Leaders apart from traditional leaders is their ability to create loyal, enthusiastic teams that have a sense of personal commitment to the mission. In this article I will reveal the 5 Top Approaches Transformational Leaders use to Engage & Empower a Team. In Part 1 I disclosed 5 Top Inner Qualities to Being a Transformational Leader, both Part 1 and Part 2 comprise the 10 Top Qualities to Being a Transformational Leader- within and without.

5 Top Qualities to Being a Transformational Leader with your Team:

1. Innovative & Dynamic:

Transformational Leaders are working to change the system. They are creating outside the frameworks of the traditional matrix of society. They become a change agent. This requires creativity, innovation, and a dynamic approach to solving problems in new ways. One way that they do this is by cultivating an understanding of many topics and a capacity for “learning transfer”. Learning transfer is at the core of becoming what has been coined as an “expert generalist”. Here is a great description of what that means, in the words of Buckminster Fuller: “If we put in the time and learn core concepts across fields and always relate those concepts back to our life and the world, transferring between areas becomes much easier and faster.” This equips a leader with the skill set needed to make innovative leaps. Also, having knowledge of many topics gives a leader greater distinction, a dynamic intelligence, and a unique perspective when it comes to problem solving. This is the kind of quality that sets greats like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs apart from the rest. They are creative, curious, intellectually stimulating, and they motivate their team to step up and innovate entirely new industries. They set the trends rather than follow the trends; they invent entirely new industries.

2. True Strength & Grace Under Pressure:

The true measure of a quality in a person is based on the consistency of that quality over time, especially when under pressure. It is in times when stress is high and tolerance is low that our egoic reactions and coping mechanisms come out the most. And yet it is in these times when people most need a leader they can look to who is strong and clear. True strength is revealed when we can hold a state of balance and composure even when things around us are tense or even chaotic. Learning to be the calm eye at the center of the storm is essential for maintaining one’s poise and strength as a Transformational Leader. Cultivating a practice of meditation and inner peace, as well as strengthening our personal will and confidence that we can handle any situation life throws at us is what allows us to maintain grace under pressure. Such poise instills confidence in our team and the people we lead.  

3. Live it, rather than teach it – Lead by Example:

A Transformational Leader is in integrity with their word and their own advice or initiatives. They ‘walk the talk’. This inspires their team to contribute to the vision, rather than disciplining them into agreement and action. People tend to value this type of leader more than a leader that may just be intellectually reinforcing guidelines. When others see that the leader has integrity, it causes them to internalize the Transformational Leader’s ideals and act from a place that emulates those ideals. A Transformational Leader sets and consistently exceeds their own expectations, inspiring their constituents to strive to excellence as well.

4. Commitment To Empowerment – Motivate and Empower People with Sincere Care:

A Transformational Leader does everything she/he can to be sure that their team is empowered and motivated. When everyone is empowered it strengthens the whole vision. They inspire followers into leadership. Relationships with others are a priority for a Transformational Leader. They link the goals of their vision with the values and capabilities of the people they are working with.  If the only person a leader is trying to benefit is themselves, then their people will not be motivated. The true sense of care others feel from a Transformational Leader creates a rapport that makes it easier for them to care about and remain loyal to the mission.

5. Focused On Progression – Kaizen:

Kaizen is a bedrock principle drawn from Japanese culture, that encourages workers to make improvements day-by-day…each day becoming better and better. No matter how good we are, we are never so good that we can’t get better. The moment we think we have “arrived” and reached the pinnacle of how good we can get, is the moment we stop progressing and fall into stagnation or complacency. So a Transformational Leader is always focused on progression, not only of the mission, but also of the individuals who they lead, helping everyone to achieve their highest potential and to actualize their gifts. To do so, the leader must see that potential in the people they lead, and help reflect that potential back to them so that they can see it for themselves and be inspired to strive towards it.

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Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Dr. Theresa Bullard, is the founder of QLA Consulting, co-founder of Mysterium Center in LA as well as the Universal Kabbalah Network, and is an International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. She combines a Physics Ph.D. with a lifelong path of exploring consciousness and ancient wisdom traditions. For more info about Theresa and her work go to TheresaBullard.com


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